How to Disable Windows 8 Lock Down Screen

How to Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen

Lock Screen is specially made for Windows OS that allows you to prevent unauthorized access to computer system by providing an interface that requires your password. The new Windows 8 Lock Screen allows you to see information such as new mail, weather, calender and the rest while the computer is locked. If you really feel its disgusting, then the below steps will guide you in disabling the lockdown.

Steps for Disabling Windows 8 Lock Down Screen

1. Open "Run" by typing it in the Start Menu

2. Type gpedit.msc and press Enter

3. Navigate to Computer Configuration then Admin Templates

4. Control Panel then Personalization

5. Double-Click on "Do not display Lock Screen"

6. Select "Enable" Radio button.


Enjoy the Speed of the Boot Up

Note: Should you need to Enable the Lock Screen, Follow the above steps, then Click on the "Disable" Radio button.

Wishing You Happy  and Successful Year Ahead

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How to Retrieve Completely Deleted File(s) Using Recuva

Retrieve Deleted files or folders using Recuva

Have you ever felt angry at yourself for deleting an important file(s) on your computer system unknowingly? If yes, then, this post is specially meant for you. Today, I will be posting an article on how to retrieve a completely deleted file(s) on PC using Recuva.

What do I mean by completely deleted file(s)? It is when a file is deleted from a particular location and thereafter deleted from the recycle bin (a location on the PC where deleted files are kept and as well where the deleted files can be restored back).

Recuva? How it works

Recuva is a simple Recovery program / software that scans all available disk partition on your PC, gathers all related files relating to the deleted file(s), making it a whole and prompting you the available list of deleted files waiting for you to restore them back.

How to Retrieve Completely Deleted File(s) Using Recuva

How to Retrieve Completely Deleted File(s)

1. Download and Install Recuva
2. Run
3. Click on scan (You may as well use the advance mode if your desired deleted file(s) is / are not listed after the normal mode is used).
4. List of deleted file(s) is / are displayed
5. Tick / choose the file(s) you wish to restore
6. Click on restore

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Easiest Way to Activate Windows 8

Windows 8 activator

Windows 8, been the latest PC Windows OS came with beautiful features. PC Users have been dying to upgrade their PC Windows to that of Windows 8 but fear of not been able to handle or activate the Windows have been one of the main reason why they stepped back. Fun it is, when you use Windows 8, though, there are challenges. So therefore, this tutorial will be channeled to bringing to you a way to activate your windows 8 (Easiest).

Note: This works on all version of windows 8

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How to Activate Windows 8

1. Download Windows 8 Activator

2. Launch

3. After System Restart, a message window will be displayed showing your Windows is activated.
Easiest Way to Activate Windows 8

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How to Lock PC Using USB Drive (Easiest)


There have been many secured ways to prevent unauthorized access to PC apart from using the Password (The most common method). One of these secured method is the using of USB stick. The USB drive automatically turns to a key that lock and unlock your PC in a given time. What makes this work? A question I know that must surely come to your mind...... lol. It is a Simple Program called the Predator (arghhhh... Name looks
Predator is a simple windows program that turns USB drive into a key that locks the computer when the USB Drive is unplugged and unlock when it is plugged in. There will be no access without the USB Drive.

How to Lock PC Using USB Drive

Note: This does not in any way affect your USB Drive

1. Download Predator 64 bit and Predator 32 bit
2. Install and Launch

Predator preference interface

3. Plug in your UsB drive. A dialog box will appear requesting a password creation. Click Ok to continue.

Take Note of few Settings from the Preference window

Enter a unique secured password in the password field as this will be used to unlock your system should you lose your USB Drive. you can as well check the "Always requred box". This will make you input your password each time you want to unlock your Pc using USB drive

4. In the Flash Drives Section, make sure the correct USB Drive is selected, then, click on Ok to Create Key

5. Restart the program

To confirm if its working, the predator icon will turn green.

What Predator does? It check the PC every 30 seconds if the USB Drive is plugged in.If the USB Drive is not plugged in, it automatically lock the computer system. It also provide a log for you when password is being attempted on your computer system.


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How to Save Microsoft Word (docx) Documents as PDF

Best MsWord to PDF Add-in

Have you ever wondered why you typed your document in Microsoft word and sent to a friend or company and they find it difficult to read? It's probably because you typed your document in higher version of Microsoft word while those that received it used the lower version. Using a job seeker for example. He typed his curriculum vitae (CV) using MS Word 2010 and the proposed company that received it used lower version, let's say MS Word 2003. The above problem might cause the job seeker to lose the job. So, I found a nice solution and I think it's worth sharing. Hence, how to save Microsoft word document as PDF.

Download the PDF add-in for Microsoft Word

How to save Microsoft word (docx) document as PDF

1. Download the above PDF add-in
2. Install
3. Restart Microsoft Word

Note: This was tested on microsoft word 2007 and perfectly, it worked.

4. Launch Microsoft Word and type your document
5. Then, go to Microsoft menu > Save As > PDF > Publish

It provides an option for you to save as PDF and still keep your Microsoft Word document.


Now try the above simple tutorial on how to save Microsoft word document as PDF and do not forget to comment below this post as your comment will be highly appreciated.
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How to Record On-Screen Video for Tutorials

How to Record On-Screen Video for Tutorials

Making Video tutorials have been one of the most educative means to learn. It practically deals with you watching the tutorial video and following the shown steps visually. There are various ways for you to this but for this tutorial, we will be concentrating on using one, the CamStudio. Hence, How to record On- Screen Video for Tutorial Using CamStudio.

Features of CamStudio

1. It is User Friendly and Easy to Use
2. It records videos as AVI and SWF Format
3. It allows you to select a location on background desktop for the video tutorial
4. It provides an option for you to record and not to record with audio

How to Record On-Screen Video for Tutorials

1. Download CamStudio
2. Run and Install
3. Launch the program

How to Record On-Screen Video for Tutorials

4. Click on the Red button to Start recording videos, the Blue button to Stop recording and the black to pause recording.

Your Turn
Now that I have written a simpler way to record on-screen video using camstudio, i will implore you to try it out yourself, make fun by creating as many videos as you want and don't forget to comment below this post to let me know how it goes.
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How to BackUp and Restore PC Drivers Using Double Driver

Double Driver

Are you thinking of formatting your system? Are you thinking of how to get back your Exact PC Drivers after formatting? If Yes, then you are at the right place. Recently, I wrote an article on How to Update your PC Drivers Using SlimDrivers. You can as well check that out so as to Update outdated PC Drivers to the Newest. This post will be on how to Backup and Restore PC drivers Using Double Driver.

Double driver is a simple program that analyzes your computer system. It lists out all Drivers on your PC and as well provides a way to backup, restore, save and print the Drivers.

Features of Double Drivers

1. List, save, and print drivers details
2. Backup drivers from current Windows
3. Backup drivers from non-live/non-booting Windows
4. Backup drivers to structured folders, compressed (zipped) folder, and self-extracting capability
5. Restore drivers from previous backup
6. Available in GUI and CLI application
7. Portable (no installation required)

How to BackUp and Restore PC Drivers Using Double Driver

1. Download Double Driver (ZIP)

2. Extract the Double Driver folder from downloaded zipped file

Double Driver Application

3. Double Click on dd.exe to display the application Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  Double Driver

4. Click on Backup. It will then display a new window

BackUp and Restore PC Drivers Using Double Driver

5. Click on "Scan Current System" to list all drivers

PC Drivers Listed

You might like to backup all by checking all the boxes or leave as you see it.

6. After all has been listed, you can then backup by clicking the Backup button. it will then display in a new window, 3 options for you to choose

Drivers Destination + Download type

Destination: Choose where you'd like the Backup Drivers to be saved

The "Compressed (Zipped) Folder" is recommended. Then, Click on Ok

Drivers Backup in Progress

After the BackingUp process is completed, It compressed the Drivers into a Zipped format.

After a SUCCESS MESSAGE is displayed, check the destination you chose to see the backup file (ZIP). E.g

Backed Up PC Drivers
                                           Example of a backed up Drivers (Zipped)

To Restore the PC drivers

1. Launch the Application but this time, "Run as Administrator" is needed
2. Click on Restore
3. Click on "Locate Backup" to Locate the Backup file from the destination you saved it
4. Then Click on Ok to Restore your PC Drivers.

NOTE: Save Backup where it can be easily found. Saving on desktop is advisable


SEE ALSO:  How to Update PC drivers Using SlimDriver

Your Turn
Now that I have written a complete guide on How to BackUp and Restore PC Drivers Using Double Driver, I will implore you to use it and comment below this post to see how efficient it worked or if eventually, any problem is encountered.

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Full Glass Windows 7 themes + Download link

Windows 7 themes

In this post, I will be sharing with you, a beautiful Windows 7 theme - Glass. The Glass Windows 7 theme contains a beautiful background picture, a wonderful start up and the rest. Everything looks transparent. Everything looks amazing..... Check this out

How to Get the Full Glass Windows 7 Theme

1. Download Full Glass Windows 7 theme
Windows 7 Glass theme preview
 Glass Theme Preview

2. Download Universal Theme Patcher (Zip)

How to Install the full Glass Windows 7 Theme

1. Unzip Full Glass Windows 7 theme.

2. Run Full Glass.exe

Note: You might not see a significant response but definitely see a change like a "faint text"

3. Copy full glass vs7.theme and full glass vs7 folder to  "C: \ Windows \
Resources \ Themes"

4. Unzip the Universal Theme Patcher : It contains the 32 and 64 bit system type

Note: Use
1. UniversalThemePatcher-x64 for 64 bit System type and
2. UniversalThemePatcher-x86 for 32 bit System type

5. Run the Universal Theme Patcher in relation to your system type

6. Right Click On your Desktop and then Personalize.
choose the Glass theme then Apply


Now Your Turn

Now that I have written a well explanatory article on "Full Glass Windows 7 theme and how to apply it", i will implore you to follow the steps listed above and as well comment below this post if any there is any problem regarding this theme and what you really think about the theme.

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Turn your PC into a Wireless Hotspot Using Connectify + Download link


Have you been wondering how your friends share files and internet connection using a wireless medium? If yes, then, this is the right place for you to be. Today, I will be sharing with you how to turn your PC into a wireless hotspot for sharing your computer files and internet connection using connectify.

Features of Using Connectify

1. A User-Friendly Interface
2. Advanced Security Option
3. Shares Internet connection, Files, Medias.
4. It lists PC users connected to you
5. It also states the history of your connection

How to Turn your PC into a wireless Hotspot

1. Download Connectify Pro Version - Free Tool

How to install the cracked version

1. Unzip the downloaded file
2. Install the application.
3. While that is done, do not "Run" yet
3. Copy "Connectify.exe" from the crack folder to system prog folder i.e.,"C:\Program Files (x86)\Connectify\", and replace the original.

 After Successful Installation, Launch to see the Connectify User Interface.

Note: "Before you start the Hotspot, Make sure your PC Wireless is ON"

2. Click On the Start Hotspot Button
After the Hotspot is started, the Interface looks like this

connectify connection interface

3. The Client will then search for your PC Wireless Network

4. When Found, It requests for password, Just type in the password from the "settings" tab


Now your turn

This tutorial is written best to my knowledge. I will implore you to use it and comment below this post to know if this is found useful and any questions relating to this tutorial are mostly welcomed.
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How to Reset Huawei Modem Counter from 10/10 to 0/10

How to Reset Huawei Modem Counter from 10/10 to 0/10

Recently, I wrote an article on How to Unlock Stubborn Modems like the Zte Mf 190, 100 Using Dc-Unlocker. But that didn't stop there until I got a complaint from a friend seeking how to reset his modem counter due to him exceeding the maximum trial limit which is 10. This tutorial will therefore, be on "How to reset Huawei Modem Counter From 10/10 to 0/10".

Tool for this Tutorial

Huawei modem Unlocker

How to Reset Huawei Modem Counter from 10/10 to 0/10

1. Download Hauwei Modem Unlocker

2. Install (Normal Procedure)

 Reset Huawei Modem Counter from 10/10 to 0/10

2. Click Refresh as seen in the diagram above labelled 1
      It detects the Modem plus the COM Port

3. Click on READ MDM DATA as shown in part labelled 2

4. Click on RESET MODEM as shown in the part labelled 3

5. Finally, Click on Service to fully reset the Modem Counter back to 0.

That's all...........

Hope it helps..........

     How to Unlock Stubborn Modems like ZTE Mf190, 100, 590 etc Using DC - Unlocker

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Easiest Ways to Download Youtube Videos

Youtube Videos

YouTube has been one of the largest videos store where we watch movies, programmes, documentaries and so on online. Sometimes, when we watch, we will also like to download but unfortunately, there is no button to click so as to download the desired video. This post will be on "How to download YouTube Videos (Easiest)"

Easiest Ways to Download YouTube Videos

1. Internet Download Manager's Video Downloader

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is an addon compatible with all kinds of browser that creates a small button to click on whenever it discovers a video on a particular website.

download youtube videos (IDM)

Features of IDM Video Downloader

1. Downloads at a very High Speed Rate.
2. It can download any video on a webpage.
3. It is supported on all web browsers.

How the Intenet Download Manager's Video downloader Download Button looks like

IDM Download Button


Bypassing the IDM (Internet Download Manager) 30-days Trial - See more at:
Bypassing the IDM (Internet Download Manager) 30-days Trial - See more at:
Bypassing the IDM (Internet Download Manager) 30-days Trial

2. Using YouTubeINMP4

YoutubeINMP4 is one of the fastest online Video downloader. It supported on both PCs and Mobile phones.

youtubeinmp4 interface

Features of YouTubeINMP4

1. No Java plugins (secure from malware).
2. Works on mobiles & consoles (Android & Smartphones).
3. Download videos on any webpage.

How to Use YouTubeINMP4

1. Kindly visit the YouTubeINMP4
2. Add your Youtube URL in the text field
3. Click download.


1. Download the YoutubeINMP4 addon
2. Install on your browser
3. Download whenever desired videos appears on any webpage.

Hope it helps...........

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How to Access Blocked Websites Using Stealthy

How to Access Blocked Websites Using Stealthy
Using VPN has been one of the best ways to access blocked or restricted website from a particular country. VPN makes you browse anonymously by getting you IPs (Internet Protocol) from countries that are allowed to access the website you wish to access from your country. On a web search, I stumbled upon a mozilla Firefox addon plugin that does the work of a real VPN software and I think it's worth sharing. This post will be on "How to Access Blocked Websites Using Stealthy Free".

How to Access Blocked Websites Using Stealthy

Stealthy provides you a reliable service that allows you go 100% anonymous. It gets you US, UK, plus other countries like Germany, New Zealand IPs. With these you can access any blocked websites.

How to get Stealthy

1. Download Free version Stealthy for Firefox
2. Install

3. Activate


4. Access any blocked websites


Your Turn

Now that I have written on How to Access Blocked Websites Using Stealthy, I will implore you to use it and as well give comment below this post to know if there is any problem getting the addon plugin. I will also be glad to learn from you guyz if there is any other alternatives.

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How to Download Books from Google Books

Google book downloader

Google Book is a book search engine that gets its seekers, requested books upon search. It is somehow, like a platform where owners of books place previews of their books for advert, displaying only few pages so that interested readers could make orders, not from Google but affiliate website like the Click Bank, Amazon and so on. Since the books are not free on Google Book, and Google has also made it difficult for us to download the available page previews, we will be looking into "downloading Books from Google Books using a little trick".

Step by Step Guide on How to Download Books On Google Book.

Note: The below steps will only work on Mozilla Firefox

Download the greasemonkey addon.
Download GoogleBook Downloader Script.
Download DownThemAll addon.

Install the “greasemonkey addon” before the “Google Book Downloader script”.
Restart the Firefox where necessary.

After the above procedures, 

1. Visit Google Books
2. Search the book of your choice

Book Search

3. Click on "Download This Book" to display all available pages.

Download This Book

4. Click on "Get Download Links" to get all links to pages

Download links

4. Then, Right Click to use the “DownThemAll” addon to Download listed pages,

Listed pages

Note: The preview pages are downloaded as images.

Hope this helps………..
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How to Bypass Captcha Codes on Websites

Captcha codes bypasser

Using Captcha Codes on websites have been one of the most used security measures taken by website owners to differentiate between humans and robots visiting their websites. Captcha Codes may sometimes become too difficult for us to read. This post will give a clear tutorial on how to bypass Captcha codes on websites. I call it "let them read and write for me..........." lol

How to Bypass Captcha Codes

1. Visit skipInput
2. Create an account and login
3. Download the plug-in for your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Safari)
4. Visit the website you found the captcha code and like magic it is already written for you

Download Firefox Captcha plug-in Here.

Hope it helps............
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How to Unlock Stubborn Modems like ZTE Mf190, 100, 590 etc Using DC - Unlocker

ZTE Modem Unlocker
Recently, I got emails from readers seeking on how to unlock some ZTE stubborn modem and I think its worth sharing since some people might got the same problem and needs to be attended to. This post will be solving the problem of Stubborn Modems like the ZTE Mf190, Mf100, Mf590 that users find so difficult to Unlock.

#No need of getting all kinds of Modem locked to a particular Network. What you need do is to get "one" locked to a particular network, unlock using the dc-unlocker and turn into Universal Modem that accepts all kinds of Network.

Unlock Stubborn Modems like ZTE Mf190, 100, 590 etc Using DC - Unlocker

Download the DC-UNLOCKER Free Version Here

Benefit of the Free Version
No need to purchase credit

How to Install the Dc Unlocker Free Tool

1. Unzip the file
2. Install the "dc-unlocker_client-1.00.0575.exe" from the package.
3. Extract the "dccrap.exe" to desktop

How to use the Software

1. Double Click on "dccrap.exe" after extraction to display the software interface.

Zte Mf180, mf190, 100, 590 modems Unlocker

2. Select the manufacturer
3. On the Select model drop-down, choose the auto detect.
4. Click on the Scan Button
5. After a successful scanning, click Unlock Button
6. That's all
Hope it helps...............

Download Dc-Unlocker
Download Universal Modem Unlocker

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Get Avast Antivirus v6 License Keys Valid till 2038

Avast antivirus
avast! Free Antivirus is a complete anti-virus package.It is free for registered home non-commercial users. It contains an on-demand scanner with two interfaces (simple for novices and advanced for experienced users), an on-access scanner with Standard Shield (which protects against execution and opening malware programs) and an embedded e-mail scanner which scans incoming and outgoing email messages.

Avast Free Antivirus has a background scanner that scans the computer system while not in use. A 30-days trial is installed along with the software which will definitely expire after the due date and so, we will need to bypass the resistance using the below key: 

Avast antivirus v6 License Key

Key:    C2891768R9957A0912-0SFDRH5U   
Expiring Date: 1/19/2038

Note:  The key works with the avast! Free Antivirus Version 6

To install the antivirus version 6,  set the "year" back to "2010"

Hope it helps........
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How to Format USB Flash Using MS-DOS Command

Format USB Drive using command prompt

One of the most useful built-in applications on Windows OS is the Command Prompt or MS-Dos. It is a command-line interpreter which helps users do some tasks without the intervention of the GUI. Those tasks are represented in such a type of text instructions called "Command". In order to format a USB Flash Drive, we use the Graphical interface of Windows  OS by right clicking the Drive letter then format.

How to Format USB Flash Using MS-DOS Command

1) Click Start > Run... and type cmd in the box then Click OK
2) The command prompt window appears.
3) Type the following command:

format X:

Note: Replace "X:" with the letter of your USB Flash Drive.
You can use "diskpart" to list all drive letters.

4) If you want to format it as FAT32 then type:

format X: /FS:FAT32

5) After typing one of the above commands, press Enter 
6) When it asks for pressing Enter again, just press it to confirm.
7) It will prompt you to enter a name for the drive, write it and hit Enter.

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[UPDATED ]Simple Steps to Activate Windows 7

After posting steps for activating Windows Vistas sometimes ago, I received a lot mails asking about that of Windows 7 and that's why I will be posting the steps for activating the windows 7. The steps are similar to that of activating windows vistas. The difference is just the software used
windows 7 activator

Scenarios for which activator is needed.

1. Just bought brand new computer system
2. Just formatted your computer system

Steps to Activate Windows 7

1. Download Windows 7 Activator
2. Run the Software or run as administrator 
3. Install then Restart the PC.

That's all........

Note: You might need to disable your anti-virus to run the software
So So Simple.......... Hope this helps
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Got Problem with ODBC Connection on Window 7? Get Help

Odbc Server

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). It is a medium for which database is being connected to external source. I was on a mission some months ago to create an application using Microsoft Access as my database. I was on window 7 and I discovered some drivers which was needed for the process were missing and I was like........... "huhhhhhh, where are all these drivers?" and after thorough research, I came about the solutions.
Why are the drivers needed? They are needed because they are used to interact with Microsoft Access,Microsoft Excel, and other ODBC sources that don't have OLEDB drivers. I also noticed the problem is common on window 7 64 bit.

Solutions to ODBC Connection on Windows 7

1. Since it is supported on 32 bit window 7, we will need to find the location of the 32 bit ODBC Administrator.
Goto your local disk ==> windows ==> SysWOW64 ==> odbcad32.exe
2. Right-Click and Open
3. After opening the ODBC 32, click on the User DSN tab and click on "add" and all the missing drivers will be displayed.
Since all the missing drivers have been found, I believed you won't like going back always to search for the missing drivers and so, I will be revealing how to create shortcut in the administrative tools.
Open your windows explorer, and navigate to the following location:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
Make a copy of the Data Sources (ODBC)
Rename the copy to Data Sources (ODBC) - 32 Bit
Now go to the properties and change the Target and Start In and replace "system32" with "SysWOW64". And click OK.

That's all..Hope it helps............

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Windows Vista NOT Activated? GET HELP

Windows Vista Activator
Activating windows vista has proven too stubborn. Though, it's outdated but I want you to believe me, People still use it and they have been complaining of  "Windows Expiring".
This post will give a step by step tutorial on how to solve the 30-days trial problem. And if yours is already expired, I will advise to install another version and follow the below step to activate the windows.
Two paths: Expired and yet to expire "still giving warning like some few days left"........

Steps to Activate Windows Vista

  1. If it hasn't expired, simply download this software, Run and window successfully activated....
  2. If it has expired, kindly get another copy of the windows vista, Install and you get the trial version.Now run the software to finally activate the windows.


Note: It works on all kind of Vistas.

Hope this helps...............
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