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How to Record On-Screen Video for Tutorials

Making Video tutorials have been one of the most educative means to learn. It practically deals with you watching the tutorial video and following the shown steps visually. There are various ways for you to this but for this tutorial, we will be concentrating on using one, the CamStudio. Hence, How to record On- Screen Video for Tutorial Using CamStudio.

Features of CamStudio 1. It is User Friendly and Easy to Use
2. It records videos as AVI and SWF Format
3. It allows you to select a location on background desktop for the video tutorial
4. It provides an option for you to record and not to record with audio

How to Record On-Screen Video for Tutorials 1. Download CamStudio
2. Run and Install
3. Launch the program

4. Click on the Red button to Start recording videos, the Blue button to Stop recording and the black to pause recording.

Your Turn
Now that I have written a simpler way to record on-screen video using camstudio, i will implore you to try it out yourself, make fun by creatin…

How to BackUp and Restore PC Drivers Using Double Driver

Are you thinking of formatting your system? Are you thinking of how to get back your Exact PC Drivers after formatting? If Yes, then you are at the right place. Recently, I wrote an article on How to Update your PC Drivers Using SlimDrivers. You can as well check that out so as to Update outdated PC Drivers to the Newest. This post will be on how to Backup and Restore PC drivers Using Double Driver.

Double driver is a simple program that analyzes your computer system. It lists out all Drivers on your PC and as well provides a way to backup, restore, save and print the Drivers.

Features of Double Drivers 1. List, save, and print drivers details
2. Backup drivers from current Windows
3. Backup drivers from non-live/non-booting Windows
4. Backup drivers to structured folders, compressed (zipped) folder, and self-extracting capability
5. Restore drivers from previous backup
6. Available in GUI and CLI application
7. Portable (no installation required)

How to Back…

Full Glass Windows 7 themes + Download link

In this post, I will be sharing with you, a beautiful Windows 7 theme - Glass. The Glass Windows 7 theme contains a beautiful background picture, a wonderful start up and the rest. Everything looks transparent. Everything looks amazing..... Check this out
How to Get the Full Glass Windows 7 Theme 1. Download Full Glass Windows 7 theme

 Glass Theme Preview
2. Download Universal Theme Patcher (Zip)

How to Install the full Glass Windows 7 Theme 1. Unzip Full Glass Windows 7 theme.

2. Run Full Glass.exe

Note: You might not see a significant response but definitely see a change like a "faint text"

3. Copy full glass vs7.theme and full glass vs7 folder to  "C: \ Windows \
Resources \ Themes"

4. Unzip the Universal Theme Patcher: It contains the 32 and 64 bit system type

1. UniversalThemePatcher-x64 for 64 bit System type and
2. UniversalThemePatcher-x86 for 32 bit System type

5. Run the Universal Theme Patcher in relation to your system type

6. Right Click On your De…

Turn your PC into a Wireless Hotspot Using Connectify + Download link

Have you been wondering how your friends share files and internet connection using a wireless medium? If yes, then, this is the right place for you to be. Today, I will be sharing with you how to turn your PC into a wireless hotspot for sharing your computer files and internet connection using connectify.

Features of Using Connectify 1. A User-Friendly Interface
2. Advanced Security Option
3. Shares Internet connection, Files, Medias.
4. It lists PC users connected to you
5. It also states the history of your connection

How to Turn your PC into a wireless Hotspot 1. Download Connectify Pro Version - Free Tool
How to install the cracked version 1. Unzip the downloaded file
2. Install the application.
3. While that is done, do not "Run" yet
3. Copy "Connectify.exe" from the crack folder to system prog folder i.e.,"C:\Program Files (x86)\Connectify\", and replace the original.

 After Successful Installation, Launch to see the Connectify User Interface.


How to Reset Huawei Modem Counter from 10/10 to 0/10

Recently, I wrote an article on How to Unlock Stubborn Modems like the Zte Mf 190, 100 Using Dc-Unlocker. But that didn't stop there until I got a complaint from a friend seeking how to reset his modem counter due to him exceeding the maximum trial limit which is 10. This tutorial will therefore, be on "How to reset Huawei Modem Counter From 10/10 to 0/10".
Tool for this Tutorial Huawei modem Unlocker
How to Reset Huawei Modem Counter from 10/10 to 0/10 1. Download Hauwei Modem Unlocker

2. Install (Normal Procedure)

2. Click Refresh as seen in the diagram above labelled 1
      It detects the Modem plus the COM Port

3. Click on READ MDM DATA as shown in part labelled 2

4. Click on RESET MODEM as shown in the part labelled 3

5. Finally, Click on Service to fully reset the Modem Counter back to 0.

That's all...........

Hope it helps..........

How to Unlock Stubborn Modems like ZTE Mf190, 100, 590 etc Using DC - Unlocker

Easiest Ways to Download Youtube Videos

YouTube has been one of the largest videos store where we watch movies, programmes, documentaries and so on online. Sometimes, when we watch, we will also like to download but unfortunately, there is no button to click so as to download the desired video. This post will be on "How to download YouTube Videos (Easiest)"

Easiest Ways to Download YouTube Videos 1. Internet Download Manager's Video Downloader Internet Download Manager (IDM) is an addon compatible with all kinds of browser that creates a small button to click on whenever it discovers a video on a particular website.

Features of IDM Video Downloader 1. Downloads at a very High Speed Rate.
2. It can download any video on a webpage.
3. It is supported on all web browsers.

How the Intenet Download Manager's Video downloader Download Button looks like


Bypassing the IDM (Internet Download Manager) 30-days Trial - See more at:…