Easiest Way to Activate Windows 8

Windows 8 activator

Windows 8, been the latest PC Windows OS came with beautiful features. PC Users have been dying to upgrade their PC Windows to that of Windows 8 but fear of not been able to handle or activate the Windows have been one of the main reason why they stepped back. Fun it is, when you use Windows 8, though, there are challenges. So therefore, this tutorial will be channeled to bringing to you a way to activate your windows 8 (Easiest).

Note: This works on all version of windows 8

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How to Activate Windows 8

1. Download Windows 8 Activator

2. Launch

3. After System Restart, a message window will be displayed showing your Windows is activated.
Easiest Way to Activate Windows 8

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How to Lock PC Using USB Drive (Easiest)


There have been many secured ways to prevent unauthorized access to PC apart from using the Password (The most common method). One of these secured method is the using of USB stick. The USB drive automatically turns to a key that lock and unlock your PC in a given time. What makes this work? A question I know that must surely come to your mind...... lol. It is a Simple Program called the Predator (arghhhh... Name looks terrifying......lol)
Predator is a simple windows program that turns USB drive into a key that locks the computer when the USB Drive is unplugged and unlock when it is plugged in. There will be no access without the USB Drive.

How to Lock PC Using USB Drive

Note: This does not in any way affect your USB Drive

1. Download Predator 64 bit and Predator 32 bit
2. Install and Launch

Predator preference interface

3. Plug in your UsB drive. A dialog box will appear requesting a password creation. Click Ok to continue.

Take Note of few Settings from the Preference window

Enter a unique secured password in the password field as this will be used to unlock your system should you lose your USB Drive. you can as well check the "Always requred box". This will make you input your password each time you want to unlock your Pc using USB drive

4. In the Flash Drives Section, make sure the correct USB Drive is selected, then, click on Ok to Create Key

5. Restart the program

To confirm if its working, the predator icon will turn green.

What Predator does? It check the PC every 30 seconds if the USB Drive is plugged in.If the USB Drive is not plugged in, it automatically lock the computer system. It also provide a log for you when password is being attempted on your computer system.


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How to Save Microsoft Word (docx) Documents as PDF

Best MsWord to PDF Add-in

Have you ever wondered why you typed your document in Microsoft word and sent to a friend or company and they find it difficult to read? It's probably because you typed your document in higher version of Microsoft word while those that received it used the lower version. Using a job seeker for example. He typed his curriculum vitae (CV) using MS Word 2010 and the proposed company that received it used lower version, let's say MS Word 2003. The above problem might cause the job seeker to lose the job. So, I found a nice solution and I think it's worth sharing. Hence, how to save Microsoft word document as PDF.

Download the PDF add-in for Microsoft Word

How to save Microsoft word (docx) document as PDF

1. Download the above PDF add-in
2. Install
3. Restart Microsoft Word

Note: This was tested on microsoft word 2007 and perfectly, it worked.

4. Launch Microsoft Word and type your document
5. Then, go to Microsoft menu > Save As > PDF > Publish

It provides an option for you to save as PDF and still keep your Microsoft Word document.


Now try the above simple tutorial on how to save Microsoft word document as PDF and do not forget to comment below this post as your comment will be highly appreciated.
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