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How to Retrieve Completely Deleted File(s) Using Recuva

Have you ever felt angry at yourself for deleting an important file(s) on your computer system unknowingly? If yes, then, this post is specially meant for you. Today, I will be posting an article on how to retrieve a completely deleted file(s) on PC using Recuva.
What do I mean by completely deleted file(s)? It is when a file is deleted from a particular location and thereafter deleted from the recycle bin (a location on the PC where deleted files are kept and as well where the deleted files can be restored back). Recuva? How it worksRecuva is a simple Recovery program / software that scans all available disk partition on your PC, gathers all related files relating to the deleted file(s), making it a whole and prompting you the available list of deleted files waiting for you to restore them back.

How to Retrieve Completely Deleted File(s)1. Download and Install Recuva 2. Run 3. Click on scan (You may as well use the advance mode if your desired deleted file(s) is / are not listed after the…