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How to keep your blog Alive

Most important goal of all bloggers is to see their investment grow. I call it investment because money has been spent in one way or the other to make it grow. It's never a surprise to see a new blogger abandon the blog-o-sphere. Sometimes, it might be frustrating but really, patience and hardwork do the magic. A question like this might strike your heart, what really keep the blog alive? Yes, I am right. In one word, it's the Traffic. The only motivation a blogger has is the amount of traffic flow to his blog.

How do you maintain or improve the traffic flow to keep your blog alive? Let's see what I have to say here.
Top tips on How to Keep your blog aliveWriting Unique Contents Updating previous postOptimizing your blog postInternal Linking of blog posts
Writing Unique Content: In the blog-o-sphere, there is a common saying that says content is king: Not just ordinary content but a unique content. In my opinion, I would say real content blogging depends on the uniqueness …

5 Top tips on how to select good domain names

Now, let's take this from this angle. After a long research on how to start your blogging career, you successfully arrived a very good conclusion. You got the Niche you think it's best for you to work on, you've decided if the free or hosted platform is best for you to start on and you've decided what design could suit your idea.

Doing the above mentioned tasks indicate you are ready to go live but wait, the most important and delicate task is not done yet: The Domain Name Selection. The Domain Name Selection is delicate in the sense that a wrong move can hurt your blogging career in the long run. Like one of my mentors will always say, "selecting a domain name is just like naming a newly born baby and for lifetime will be known by that name". The word "Lifetime" should be enough reason to clearly determine how to select a good domain name for your website.
5 top tips on how to select a good domain nameUsing keyword(s) in domain nameAvoid using too …

SEO: Tips For Writing Great Post Title

Most bloggers pay attention less to their post titles which are suppose to be a road map to a better readability from their audience.

Post titles are just like CVs (Curriculum Vitae) of job seekers. The CV which serves as the job seeker's selling point tells a brief and points out the uniqueness about the beholder in relation to the job applied for. The more uniqueness the CV has, the more the interview the beholder is likely to be called for.

>>3 Golden Ways to Get Blogging Ideas<<
The above excerpt is just an example of how important a post title is, to the main post. The post title is expected to say briefly about the main post: which is expected to be reader friendly and most importantly, SEO friendly.

Benefits of Writing A Great Post Title
It increases the CTR of the main postIt increases the blog traffic and in all, earn you income.Since the benefits of writing great post have been mentioned, how then, do we write attractive and SEO friendly post titles?
Tips for Writi…

How to Transfer Files between Android Devices and PC Wirelessly Using AirDroid 3.0

Gone are the days when computer users depend solely on the web and also the USB Cable to transfer files from an Android device to a PC and vice versa. With the new AirDroid 3.0, Files can be transferred wirelessly without the need for cable.
What Airdroid 3.0 is all about? It is a free program designed for Mac, Windows and the web that allows you to access and manage your android phone wirelessly.
It allows you to bypass the need for a USB Cable. As long as your PC has the WI-FI, you are good to go. The transfer happens extremely fast if the computer and phone are connected to the same WI-FI network. However, if one of the device is not on LAN, file can still be sent via cloud. The file then stays in cloud for a week before it is permanently deleted.
Things that can be done with AirDroid 3.0Android device can be completely controlled and applications like the whatsapp can be used on the system.Files can be transferred between phones and the PC at a lightening speed.Message can be sen…

How to Root HTC One X

After series of requests and subsequent research, OrbasPortal finally brings an easy way on how one of the most sought HTC mobile (HTC One X) can be rooted. This tutorial will work only if it's done in the right way.

But wait!!!! Before we jump start to rooting our HTC One X, do we really know what rooting is all about? According to digitaltrends, Rooting is Jailbreaking for Android device that allows users to dive deeper into the phone sub-system. It allows you to access just anything on the mobile device.

Just as it gives you more authority on your phone, it has / might as well restricted / condemned you in some ways like:

Voiding your warrantyBricking your phoneExposing your phone to Security risk NB: Rooted phones can always be unrooted.
After the brief introduction of what Rooting means, I hope we can move forward with the tutorial.
Safety Measures to be taken before Rooting HTC One XMake sure HTC One X is 80% chargedBack up ALL dataEnable USB Debugging on your device. (Setti…

How to Add Google AdSense Below Post Title in Blogger

There's no doubt, Google Adsense compared to other Ad network is the best when monetization of blog/site is brought up as a topic. Bloggers regard Adsense as the best because it provides relevant Ads in accordance with the content of the intending blog site. Have you ever noticed some blogger blogs with adsense below the post title? Have you ever asked yourself the question of why it is placed there? It is believed from analysis that the position (Below Post Title) provides high CTR and simultaneously increase the revenue which is good for the publisher as it catches the eyes of the audience as soon as a post is clicked or read.
How to Add AdSense Below Post Title Adding Google Adsense code below post has been divided into two sessions and explained using the simplest terms so that it could be well understood by the newbies.
For this tutorial, we assume you already have a Google Adsense Account.

First Session::::::
1.  Log in to your Google Adsense Account
2. Create a new 350 x 2…

How to Accept Moved Domains Name(s) on GoDaddy

Sometimes ago, I wrote an article on how domain name(s) can be moved from one account to another on GoDaddy. I hope it was self explanatory. Today, I will be writing an article on how to Accept the moved domain name(s) on GoDaddy. After the seller had moved the the domain(s) to the buyer, the buyer don't just automatically own the domain name(s). Few steps needs to be taken for the buyer to claim the ownership.

Must Read: How to Move Domain Name(s) from one Account to Another on GoDaddy

How to Accept Moved Domain Name(s) on GoDaddy After the seller had done his on part by moving the domain to the buyer's GoDaddy account, the buyer needs to do the following so as to claim the ownership of the proclaimed domain.
1. An email will be sent by the GoDaddy team with a confirmation link to confirm the activity.
2. Click to confirm
3. Log in to GoDaddy Account
4. Navigate to Domain then click "Launch"

5. A control panel window will display, navigate to "Domain" at …

How to Add Smooth Scrolling Back to top Widget For Blogger

Recently, I posted a tutorial on how to Add a professional Back to Top Widget For blogger but that will be fixed to a particular position when added to a blog. The fixed position it has made me think otherwise that what if the reader does not want to finish reading the post, not to talk of clicking the Back to Top widget at the bottom of the page? What if the reader has seen what he/she seeks and wants to go back immediately to the top to navigate through other links? Now, here is the answer. I will be posting a tutorial on JQuery Professional Back to Top Widget for Blogger

How does it behave? 1. The Back to Top Plugin Appears immediately the reader scrolls down the page. 2. The Scrolling speed is smooth. It does not jump from bottom to the top. 3. It disappears as soon as the reader gets to the top. How to Add Smooth Scrolling Back to top Widget For Blogger  The process is very easy as the template is not needed to be tampered with. Given below are the step by step guide on how to a…

Professional Back To Top Widget for Blogger

"BackToTop" widget as the name implies might be a button or a link usually placed at the bottom or upper corners of a blog or website which makes navigation easier for blog readers. Sometimes an interesting long article might be posted by a blog author. After the blog reader had finished reading the post, he/she might have have seen something very important at the top of the blog to look at. Scrolling to the top after the long article might be just frustrating to him/her, why not add what could do the job with one click?

How to Add the Back to Top Widget for Blogger1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard
2. Go to Template >> Edit Template
3. Search using Ctrl + F for ]]></b:skin> 
4. Paste the below code above or before the searched code
#OrbasPortal {padding: 5px;bottom: 5px;right: 5px;cursor: pointer;float: right;} 5. Navigate to Layout 6. Click on Add Gadget 7. Navigate the list and Click on Html/JavaScript 8. Paste the below codes <div class='right-social'&g…

How to Move Domain(s) From One Account to Another on GoDaddy

Moving Domains on GoDaddy is also called Account Change where domain names are moved from one account to another on the same registrar. Are you a seller trying to sell domain names bought from Godaddy? If yes, then this tutorial is strictly for you. Below are the explained step by step guide on how to move domain name(s) from on account to another on GoDaddy.

Requirement needed to Move Domain Name(s) on GoDaddyReceivers(Buyers) GoDaddy's account details: Email Address, Username or Customer ID

How to Move Domain Name(s) on Godaddy 1. Log in to your Account on Godaddy.
2. On your Account Page, Look down to see "Domains" under the Products Tab then Click the "+" sign.
3. Locate the domain you want to work on (Domain to be moved)  then click on Launch
4. A new page will open titled "Domain Details". Look under the domain name then click on Account Change.
5. Now, to fill up the account change form, enter the recipient email address.
6. I have the recipie…

3 Golden Ways to Get Blogging Ideas

The downfall of a blogging career is sometimes because of lack of Ideas from the blogger. Not being able to post reasonable or I say, unique contents frequently will make the blogger loose his/her hard earned traffic little by little. How do we get the Blogging Ideas? Today's lesson will explain how we can get blogging constantly as running out of Ideas will never be one of the reasons you stop blogging.

How to Get Blogging IdeasChoose your favorite niche: Before you start blogging, it is advisable to choose the aspect you are good at: is it the blogger tips aspect, the technology review aspect, counselling aspect, marriage, how to make money online aspect, the health aspect and so on. There are many niches you could blog on. Explore yourself and know what you good at. If a machine lover starts blogging on health niche, imagine what could happen in two to three months. So, know yourself and ask yourself this question: what can I not do without? Do I always take my camera with me …

Simple but Professional Email Subscription Widget

Simplicity sometimes defines professionalism. Recently, I posted an article on How to Add Social buttons Bar Widget Below Post Title which I think or rather, I believe will improve blog traffic. Today, I will be sharing with you yet another simple but professional email subscription widget that could as well increase your blog traffic due to its simplicity. It's a Sidebar Email Subscription Widget.

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How to Add Email Subscription Widget 
Login to your Blogger Dashboard.Navigate to LayoutFrom your side bar ==> Click on Add Gadget ==> Html/JavaScriptPaste the below codes
<div id="newsletter" class="" style="width: 300px;">
<h2 class="title">JOIN OVER 1,000 READERS</h2>
<div class="widget-content">
Receive daily Blogger tutorials, Technology tutorials,  straight into your inbox. Get into our Mailing List
<form action="…

How to Add Social Buttons Bar Widget Below Post Title

Social Buttons on blogs have been one the most important techniques to drive tonnes of traffic to blogs from the social networks like the facebook, google plus, digg, stumbleupon and so on. It allows blog readers to share with their friends, important article(s) they think might be useful to the community. A nice, helpful and unique content enhance the use of the social buttons by the readers which in return boost the traffic of the blog as friends of friends might be interested in checking out the article.

Social Buttons Bar The social buttons widget I will be sharing is an horizontal bar-like which comprises of four social network (popular): Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Stumbleupon. Social sharing buttons can be placed anywhere in the blog but where is the most active? Where can we place the widget for readers to see easily? These are the questions that brought about this topic.

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How to Make Money in Forex Trading

Forex, an acronym of FOReign EXchange currently has a cash flow of about $5 Trillion daily. FOREX has been one of the easiest and confirmed way to make money online but yet technical. It is easier because once a good strategy is mastered, it becomes a money making machine and technical because been successful in FOREX Trading requires a lot learning.
How to Make Money in Forex Trading To make money in Forex Trading, the following needs to be considered.

Positive Mindset: It has to be taken as a real business, not a game: Forex is not a casino-like gambling business where you jump in and out of games anyhow. It is a business that requires a very good strategy, a plan to work with, dedication of time to make researches and a very good risk management system.Patience: The key to both online and offline business is patience. Forex requires a lot of patience. It is never a get rich quick scheme. Once your strategy is well understood by you, your patience turns into Money.Learn to accept lo…

Adsense-Like Text Link Ads Widget For Bloggers

It is no longer new that bloggers now sell ad space to make money from their blog aside using the normal ad network like the adsense, buysellads and soon. Companies or individuals now contact bloggers with high traffic and with related content directly to place their advertisement. In this lesson, an adsense-like text link ad space widget for bloggers will be the subject matter.
How to Add Adsense-Like Text Link Ads Widget to Blogger Blog The Below instructions will give you the step by step guide on how to add the widget to your blog Sign in to your blogger dashboardClick on the TitleGo to LayoutAdd Widgetchoose Html / JavaScriptPaste the below codeRead Also:How to Add Recent Post with Thumbnails Widget to Blogger
<style> #ads_ppc {text-align: left; width:280px; height:250px; padding:5px; margin:0px;border:1px solid #1a4d86} </style> <div id='ads_ppc'><a style="text-decoration: underline;padding: 15; font-size: 12px; color:blue;"href="http:/…

Amazing Recent Post With Thumbnails Widget for Bloggers

Recently, I wrote an article on how to add email subscription below post, the readership was very interesting. In today's lesson, I will be showing you how to add an eye-catching recent post widget that basically displays the thumbnails to your blog. How does this work? It basically fetches the recent posts using JavaScript and when hovered on, it displays the summary.
Amazing Recent Post With Thumbnails Widget for Bloggers The Below instructions will give you the step by step guide on how to add the widget to your blog Sign in to your blogger dashboardClick on the TitleGo to LayoutAdd Widgetchoose Html / JavaScriptPaste the below code <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script><style type="text/css">#post-gallery {width:100%; margin:0px auto;font:normal 11px Arial,Sans-Serif;color:##000000;padding:8px;}#post-gallery .rp-item {float:left;display:inline;  position:relative…

How to add Email Subscription Widget Below Post

Getting traffic to your blog or website might be one of the easiest thing for you to do but keeping them I challenge you, is one of the toughest things in blogging. There are several methods that can be used for making your readers keep on coming but for this tutorial we will focusing on one, adding email subscription below post.
Email subscription widget at the side bar also does this work but researches have shown that email subscription box below post does best. After a useful article has been read by the visitor, he/she will like to read more and thereby subscribing just immediately after the post making him/her a permanent visitor. How do I do this?
How to add Email Subscription Widget Below Post Get your desired email subscription widget code by searching online. Log in to your blogger account Navigate to Template > edit templateRemember to back up your template Search (using CTRL + F) for <data:post.body/> Place the Email Subscription code after/below the above code


[Get] Hotspot Shield Elite Version Free

Hotspotshield has been one of the most used VPN so far that provides users both free and paid versions. Free version goes with ads while Paid version is ad free. Are you tired of using the free version because of the ads? Are you thinking the elite version is so expensive for you to upgrade to? Everything is now solved, you can now use the elite version which is ad free valid till 2018.
How to Get HSS Elite Version for Free Download Hotspot Shield 3.37{ Google search and download for free} Do not run, download HSS Elite tool Copy the HSS Elite tool to C:\Program Files (x86)\Hotspot Shield\bin Now navigate to your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Edit the "hosts" file with notepad and add the below codes then save. rpt.ancho…

Oops! Files turning to shortcuts? Get Help!!!

Trojan, a name given to the virus that turns files/folders in a USB stick into a shortcut. Using USB has been one of the easiest means of transferring data since it is easy to use and the conveniency of carrying anywhere due to its portability. Recently, a friend of mine plugged in his USB on his laptop after he had used it on someone else’s. Surprisingly, all files and folders had turned into a shortcut.  The problem was solved and I think it’s worth sharing.
How do I stop this from happening in the first place?Use a very good and updated antivirus.Avoid collecting files in an unprotected computer system.When downloading from the internet, make sure the file is secured. Always use virustotal to scan before downloading Usefulness of this tutorialIt will save a lot of moneyIt will boost the security hormone of the computer userIt will save a lot of hard-gotten files from damage since some think the next option is to format the computer system. Steps to remove the virus and regain back…

4 Golden Ways To Make Money Online

Making money online has been one of the most searched keywords by internet users. Researches have shown that internet users directly or indirectly end up looking for a way to make money online. Few are successful in their online quest to earn income while most end up being frustrated. In this write-up, I will be listing four(4) proven method in which you can make money online.

Tools needed to make money onlinePositive Mindset: Positive mindset has to be set to earn online. You have to believe Money can be made online and what ever type of online business you have chosen, you have to take it as a business not game.Patience: This has been the secret to successful business even in the offline aspect. Earning online has never been easy, it is never a get rich quick schemeInvestment: Earning online requires a lot of investment. Investment here does not necessarily or only mean the monetary aspect. It requires you to dedicate your time for researches. It requires a lot of hard work. 4 Gold…

How to Disable IDM Fake Serial Number Pop-Up

Sometimes ago, I wrote a topic on how to get IDM full version which worked very well according to my readers but not until recently when I start getting complaint from readers that it has stopped working. I tried it out myself and figured that it popped up "Fake Serial Key"........duh [-_-]... How do we get this working again? And that's what brought about this topic "How to Disable IDM "Fake Serial Number" Pop-Up".

How to Disable IDM "Fake Serial Number" Pop-Up 1. Go to Start Menu
2. Type in "Run" then Enter or "Hold Windows key and R "
3. In the Run box, type Regedit then Enter
4. Click HKEY_CURRENT_USER ==> Software ==> DownloadManager
5. In the right side, find CheckUpdtVM..... Double Click on it and Change value to 0
6. Ok

If there's any problem doing this, the comment box is always there and I am also here to help....

#Tested on Windows 7 and worked perfectly