How to Add Google AdSense Below Post Title in Blogger

There's no doubt, Google Adsense compared to other Ad network is the best when monetization of blog/site is brought up as a topic. Bloggers regard Adsense as the best because it provides relevant Ads in accordance with the content of the intending blog site. Have you ever noticed some blogger blogs with adsense below the post title? Have you ever asked yourself the question of why it is placed there? It is believed from analysis that the position (Below Post Title) provides high CTR and simultaneously increase the revenue which is good for the publisher as it catches the eyes of the audience as soon as a post is clicked or read.

How to add adsense below post title How to Add AdSense Below Post Title

Adding Google Adsense code below post has been divided into two sessions and explained using the simplest terms so that it could be well understood by the newbies.
For this tutorial, we assume you already have a Google Adsense Account.

First Session::::::
1.  Log in to your Google Adsense Account
2. Create a new 350 x 250 or 336 x 280 Ad code as they tend to perform well
3. Customize the Ad color if you wish, save then click on get code button
3. In the Ad code session, "Asynchronous" is preferred
4. Parse the copied Ad code using our HTML Encoder tool
5. Copy the parsed codes

Second Session::::::::
1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard
2. Navigate to Template 
3. Backup your Template should an error occur
4. Click on Edit Template
5. Search using ctrl + F for the below code
6. Paste the parsed code just above the searched code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot; item&quot;'>
Adsense Parsed code here
</b if>
7. Save the template and visit one of your post to check it out.

Note: There might be more than one "<data:post.body" from your searched result. It depends on your template. Try it on each until you get your desired result.

On default, the Ad is aligned left. It can be modified to suite your own taste by just adding the below codes.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot; item&quot;'>
<div style="float:right; margin:10px;">
Adsense Parsed code here</div>
</b if>

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