How to keep your blog Alive

Most important goal of all bloggers is to see their investment grow. I call it investment because money has been spent in one way or the other to make it grow. It's never a surprise to see a new blogger abandon the blog-o-sphere. Sometimes, it might be frustrating but really, patience and hardwork do the magic. A question like this might strike your heart, what really keep the blog alive? Yes, I am right. In one word, it's the Traffic. The only motivation a blogger has is the amount of traffic flow to his blog.

tips to revive dying blogs

How do you maintain or improve the traffic flow to keep your blog alive? Let's see what I have to say here.

Top tips on How to Keep your blog alive

  • Writing Unique Contents 
  • Updating previous post
  • Optimizing your blog post
  • Internal Linking of blog posts

Writing Unique Content: In the blog-o-sphere, there is a common saying that says content is king: Not just ordinary content but a unique content. In my opinion, I would say real content blogging depends on the uniqueness of your contents. Are your contents optimized for the search engines? Are they reader friendly? These questions are what I expect you to keep in mind when writing your contents. If those two are kept in mind, the No. 1 spot on search engines will be for you and I think you know what that means. More Organic traffic to your blog, more income flows to your bank account  if you really know how to monetize your blog/website.

Updating Previous Post: Readers shuns outdated post. It is necessary to always update your previous post so as to match the current situation. This act will always make your readers come for more as they believe they will always get new tips about a searched keyword(s).

Optimizing Your Blog Post:  It is necessary to also optimize your blog post so that it can be easily found on search engines. There are different in which this can be done. Use keywords in your post, Internal linking of blog post, Adding search description to a post, Adding no-index tag to an external link.

Internal Linking of Blog Post: This is when old posts are linked to new ones and vice versa. This act makes your blog readers stay on your blog for so long as they navigate from one post to another and definitely, reduces your blog bounce rate.

With constant practice of the above tips, I am very sure of your blog staying alive. I would also like to learn from you: Let's make this an interactive session..... Let me know your views

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5 Top tips on how to select good domain names

Now, let's take this from this angle. After a long research on how to start your blogging career, you successfully arrived a very good conclusion. You got the Niche you think it's best for you to work on, you've decided if the free or hosted platform is best for you to start on and you've decided what design could suit your idea.

How to select good domain name tips

Doing the above mentioned tasks indicate you are ready to go live but wait, the most important and delicate task is not done yet: The Domain Name Selection. The Domain Name Selection is delicate in the sense that a wrong move can hurt your blogging career in the long run. Like one of my mentors will always say, "selecting a domain name is just like naming a newly born baby and for lifetime will be known by that name". The word "Lifetime" should be enough reason to clearly determine how to select a good domain name for your website.

5 top tips on how to select a good domain name

  • Using keyword(s) in domain name
  • Avoid using too long words
  • Domain must be unique
  • Domain name must easy to spell 
  • easy to remember.

Using keyword(s) in domain name: Domain name can be generated from keywords related to your blogging niche e.g orbastech. From the example, it's not need to be told that the particular website basically belongs to a technology niche.

Domain Name must be unique: Hope your domain name is not competing with that of authority blogs/websites? It can really hurt your blog as it won't do well on the search engines or rather, might get an official email from the authority website to close down the domain. So, you have to be unique in what type of name you choose.

Avoid using too long words: Using too long words in domain name are so disgusting that this only can make your blog readers neglect your blog. So, your domain name is expected to be short and precise.

Domain Name must be easy to spell: To avoid confusing your blog readers, words used in domain names are expected to be spelt accordingly. Imagine "class" is to be spelt but instead the writer wrote "Klass": the letter "K" was used in place of letter "C", imagine the confusion. Now, let's take a look at this, a friend called me to get a solution to a PC problem and immediately, I referred him to him to my blog: KlassTeck but instead wrote ClassTech, where did you think he's going to be headed?

Domain Name must be easy to remember: Remember that the blog-o-sphere is a competitive market. People hate to crack their brains to get url of a blog for one or two article(s) when there are other places to get the same article. You have to make your domain name as easy as possible so that it could be easily remembered.

The above mentioned tips are gathered by me on how to select good domain names, And I believe if properly followed, will have a positive impact on your blogging career in the long run. Suggestion from you on this topic will be highly appreciated.
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SEO: Tips For Writing Great Post Title

How to write reader and seo friendly post titles
Most bloggers pay attention less to their post titles which are suppose to be a road map to a better readability from their audience.

Post titles are just like CVs (Curriculum Vitae) of job seekers. The CV which serves as the job seeker's selling point tells a brief and points out the uniqueness about the beholder in relation to the job applied for. The more uniqueness the CV has, the more the interview the beholder is likely to be called for.

The above excerpt is just an example of how important a post title is, to the main post. The post title is expected to say briefly about the main post: which is expected to be reader friendly and most importantly, SEO friendly.

Benefits of Writing A Great Post Title

  • It increases the CTR of the main post
  • It increases the blog traffic and in all, earn you income.
Since the benefits of writing great post have been mentioned, how then, do we write attractive and SEO friendly post titles?

Tips for Writing Great Post Titles.

1 - Use Multiple Keywords in Post Titles: Post titles with more than one relevant keywords rank so well in the search engines. The chances of being discovered through the use of the keywords will definitely be high.

2 - The Post Title Must be Descriptive: The post title should not just contain multiple keywords but must be reflection of the main post. It is expected that the post title describes what the whole post is all about. Post title in relevance to blog post is a "plus" to maintaining blog traffic.

3 - The Post Title Must be Attractive: It is undoubtful that people naturally like attractive things. Post titles with great keywords, good description and handsome ;-) will definitely be read by your audience which in turn increase the bog post CTR.

Those are the few tips gathered by me to Writing Great Post Titles. I will be glad to know your views

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How to Transfer Files between Android Devices and PC Wirelessly Using AirDroid 3.0

Access Android phone/tablet from computer remotely and securely
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Gone are the days when computer users depend solely on the web and also the USB Cable to transfer files from an Android device to a PC and vice versa. With the new AirDroid 3.0, Files can be transferred wirelessly without the need for cable.

What Airdroid 3.0 is all about?

It is a free program designed for Mac, Windows and the web that allows you to access and manage your android phone wirelessly.

It allows you to bypass the need for a USB Cable. As long as your PC has the WI-FI, you are good to go. The transfer happens extremely fast if the computer and phone are connected to the same WI-FI network. However, if one of the device is not on LAN, file can still be sent via cloud. The file then stays in cloud for a week before it is permanently deleted.

Things that can be done with AirDroid 3.0

  • Android device can be completely controlled and applications like the whatsapp can be used on the system.
  • Files can be transferred between phones and the PC at a lightening speed.
  • Message can be sent and received from the PC

How to Transfer Files between Android Devices and PC Wirelessly Using AirDroid 3.0

  1. Download the AirDroid 3.0 for Android from the Google Play Store
  2. Download the Desktop client for Mac and Windows on AirDroid's site
  3. Switch on the wireless network then connect

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How to Root HTC One X

Htc One X
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After series of requests and subsequent research, OrbasPortal finally brings an easy way on how one of the most sought HTC mobile (HTC One X) can be rooted. This tutorial will work only if it's done in the right way.

But wait!!!! Before we jump start to rooting our HTC One X, do we really know what rooting is all about? According to digitaltrends, Rooting is Jailbreaking for Android device that allows users to dive deeper into the phone sub-system. It allows you to access just anything on the mobile device.

Just as it gives you more authority on your phone, it has / might as well restricted / condemned you in some ways like:

  • Voiding your warranty
  • Bricking your phone
  • Exposing your phone to Security risk
NB: Rooted phones can always be unrooted.

After the brief introduction of what Rooting means, I hope we can move forward with the tutorial.

Safety Measures to be taken before Rooting HTC One X

  • Make sure HTC One X is 80% charged
  • Back up ALL data
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device. (Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging)
  • Close all running applications
  • Disable your Antivirus on your PC and HTC One X

Requirements to Rooting HTC OneX.

How to Root HTC One X

  1. Download the HTC One X rootfiles from the above link and extract to your desktop
  2. Open Bootloader: To do this, press and hold the volume key and the power button
  3. Connect your device to PC:  After the bootloader has been opened, the device needs to be connected to the PC using a USB cable. After then, from the extracted file on the desktop, find and open "Install-Superboot-Windows.bat". And after some minutes, the device (HTC One X) will be successfully rooted.

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