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5 Top tips on how to select good domain names

Now, let's take this from this angle. After a long research on how to start your blogging career, you successfully arrived a very good conclusion. You got the Niche you think it's best for you to work on, you've decided if the free or hosted platform is best for you to start on and you've decided what design could suit your idea.

How to select good domain name tips

Doing the above mentioned tasks indicate you are ready to go live but wait, the most important and delicate task is not done yet: The Domain Name Selection. The Domain Name Selection is delicate in the sense that a wrong move can hurt your blogging career in the long run. Like one of my mentors will always say, "selecting a domain name is just like naming a newly born baby and for lifetime will be known by that name". The word "Lifetime" should be enough reason to clearly determine how to select a good domain name for your website.

5 top tips on how to select a good domain name

  • Using keyword(s) in domain name
  • Avoid using too long words
  • Domain must be unique
  • Domain name must easy to spell 
  • easy to remember.

Using keyword(s) in domain name: Domain name can be generated from keywords related to your blogging niche e.g orbastech. From the example, it's not need to be told that the particular website basically belongs to a technology niche.

Domain Name must be unique: Hope your domain name is not competing with that of authority blogs/websites? It can really hurt your blog as it won't do well on the search engines or rather, might get an official email from the authority website to close down the domain. So, you have to be unique in what type of name you choose.

Avoid using too long words: Using too long words in domain name are so disgusting that this only can make your blog readers neglect your blog. So, your domain name is expected to be short and precise.

Domain Name must be easy to spell: To avoid confusing your blog readers, words used in domain names are expected to be spelt accordingly. Imagine "class" is to be spelt but instead the writer wrote "Klass": the letter "K" was used in place of letter "C", imagine the confusion. Now, let's take a look at this, a friend called me to get a solution to a PC problem and immediately, I referred him to him to my blog: KlassTeck but instead wrote ClassTech, where did you think he's going to be headed?

Domain Name must be easy to remember: Remember that the blog-o-sphere is a competitive market. People hate to crack their brains to get url of a blog for one or two article(s) when there are other places to get the same article. You have to make your domain name as easy as possible so that it could be easily remembered.

The above mentioned tips are gathered by me on how to select good domain names, And I believe if properly followed, will have a positive impact on your blogging career in the long run. Suggestion from you on this topic will be highly appreciated.


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