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Complete Guide On How to Use the Glo Blackberry Subscription On PC and Android Devices

Recently, I have been getting mails, chats and even calls on how the Glo Blackberry Subscription can be used on the PCs and Android devices which I promised to write a detailed tutorial on and here I am. Cost of using the Internet in Nigeria is no doubt too high for other Os(Operating System) devices except that of blackberry devices. Though, networks (GLO, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and others) have varieties of packages for all devices (affordable) but comparing the prices with the volume of data, it's a "NO NO". Imagine you subscribing for just 1000 Naira and you get 3GB!!! and on other devices, you subscribe with this same amount, you get 250MB. Isn't the first one so amazing? I must tell you, for the world we are now, regardless of the class, we all need to use the Internet one way or the other to get updated with everything happening around us. Information is Money right??????
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Now, going bac…

How to Disable Right Click Option for Blogger Blogs

Wow.. It's a such a long holiday. So happy to be back with exciting tutorials. Today, I will be posting an article on how to disable right click option for blogger blogs. Disabling the right click option has its benefit as well has its implication.
What is the benefit of disabling the right click option? It basically prevents people or I say, other bloggers from copying your contents.
What is the implication? It allows not your readers to copy codes shared on your tutorial blog for their blogs.
How can this be solved? Using "BlockQuote to enquote your codes can solve the problem of your users copying the shared codes.
How to Disable the Right Click Option for Blogger Blogs 1. Log in to your blogger dashboard
2. Navigate to Layout and Click
3. Add new Gadget.
4. Choose the Html/JavaScript option
5. Leave the title blank and paste the below codes in the text field.
<script language=JavaScript> <!-- //Disable right mouse click Script var message="Function Disabled…

Top 5 SEO Optimized and Responsive Premium Blogger Template 2016

Choosing a template for your blogger blog is one of the simplest as there are many free templates on hundred of thousands of websites/blogs and yet critical as a wrong choice could lead to your blog not being seen or recognized at all by the search engines. Since placing our readers & intending blog owners first are one of our priorities here on, we have carefully hand-picked 5 blogger templates we strongly believe could help you do well on your blogging career.

Why You Need to Choose Premium & SEO Optimized Blogger Template This question has been one of the most asked when it comes to choosing good blogger template. Premium Blogger Template is recommended because it gives a clear responsive layout of your blog on different operating platform (PCs, Tablets, Mobiles), Good Navigation, Advertisement Space ready and other important widgets ready like the email subscription widget, the popular post, the recent post and so on. What Does the SEO means then? A question…

Unlimited Internet Surfing and Downloading With MTN For Just N70/Day [Android Users]

Yeah, it's been a while I posted last here and it's so good to be back with exclusive offer(s). Last time, I posted a topic on how to get 100mb worth of data via Imei tweaking and from all emails and text messages I received from readers, it's been a success. 

Are you still confused on how to change/tweak your Android Mobile IMEI Number? Please Click Here to Follow the Step by Step Instructions

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Today, I will be sharing with you a not-so-new tip (as Internet gurus have been using this secretly) but a need-to-know tip that I believe will keep you busy online for sometime. With this, you can surf the web for a full day without the fear of being disconnected and an unlimited download for just a token, N70. How can this be done? A question I know that must have been running through your mind. Am I right? Yes? Please read on.

HOW TO: 70Naira Unlimited Internet Surfing & Downloading with MTN.The following are the needed tools t…

Tweaking: How I Got FREE 100MB From MTN

Recently, I got a question from one of my esteemed readers on why I post "Free Browsing Cheats" on my blogging/Technology niche blog and this was my reply: 
For those that take blogging as a career, not all are financially buoyant to subscribe for the huge data plan subscription fee and for a must, the blog must always be updated to keep it alive in one way or the other.... Since providing the cheats go in line with the process of blogging... why not?Readers, what do you see to my reply? Hope I was right with the answer I gave?

How to Get Free 100MB From MTN Pre-requisite to getting the Free 100MB From MTN

Android DeviceNew Sim CardMobileUncle ToolsLet's get started......
After getting the above tools ready, TWEAK these IMEI
8651560172866840015235618104343597670526 - I Added Random 5 Digits to Imei Number to Get my Free 100MB NB: You can copy the digits and add ANY Five(5) Digits

After Tweaking, send the keyword, "MIFI" without quote to "131"

If you do not …

How to Display Google Ads Below Post Title in Mobile View

Out of 100% visitors that visit your blog daily, you'd believe me that after checking your blog stats using the Google analytics tool, at least 70 of the 100 visitors visit using their mobile phones. With this been said, why not monetize this mobile traffic you've got judiciously. How can this been done? Correct placement of ads in a very sensitive places that will not violate the Google Adsense TOS, and as well not give the readers bad navigation will do.

From experiment, placing ads below the post title has been one of the most sensitive places when it comes to placement of Ads in desktop view as ads tend get high CTR and possibly, more clicks. Since placement of ads below post title yielded a positive outcome in the desktop view, why not apply this same placement in the mobile view as most of the traffic comes from the mobile.

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How to Display Google Ads Below Post Title In Mobile ViewNB: Always Backup your Te…

How I Created an Extra Widget Space Between the Navigation Bar And The Main Body Of My Blogger Template

Creating an extra widget between the navigation bar and the main body of a blog could be useful when it comes to placement of ad banners. The Ads might be Google Ads, Affiliate Banner Ads or your personal Ads advertising your product(s). If you using a custom blogger template, this might have been embedded but if you are using a blogger default template like OrbasPortal,then, you might need to create one.

From analysis, it was discovered that this section gets more attraction as advertisers tend to compete for the little space which in turns give a high CPC rate.
How I created an Extra Widget Space Between The Nav Bar And The Main Body of My Blogger Template 1. Login to your blogger dashboard >> Template 2. Click On "Edit HTML" 3. Search for the below code <div class='main-outer'> 4. Paste the below code just above the searched code
<b:section class='tabs' id='crosscol-wide' name='Cross-wide' showaddelement='yes'/>  …

[HOT] Get Free 300H, 2GB, 7.5GB MTN Data

Yeah...... It's another day, another month with another freebie. Hope you've been enjoying the free MTN data gifts of the previous months. If you haven't enjoy one, then please stay calm as I will be unleashing another stress free method to get at least 15GB worth of Data on your MTN Sim.

Without wasting much time, let's get to the main business.....

How to get Free 15GB MTN DataBefore you could get this free bonus, I suggest you get a "NEWSim" ready and complete the below task.

NB: Some are charging for this.

1. Get New Sim (A must)
2. Download SMS Bomber from Google Play App Store if you wish to accumulate the Data
3. SMS 101 to 131
4. Check your DATA by dialing *131*4#

How to get Free 2GB MTN Data1. Get new Sim Card
2. SMS SPB to 131
3. check data by dialing *131*4#

How to Get Free 300Hrs MTN Data1. Get new Sim Card
2. SMS 300H to 131
3. check data by dialing *131*4#


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Got any proble…


Now that I have written a comprehensive tutorial on how to tweak android Imei Number, Let's get a freebie 2GB worth data plan from MTN. If you miss the tutorial please, click the below link to read the step by step guide on how it can be done before you proceed.

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How to Get Free MTN 2GB Data1. Get a new sim / sim that has never enjoyed the offer to avoid frustration :-)
2. Tweak these two(2) IMEI Numbers
3584290623 | add random 5 digits to make it 15
358429064 | add randon 6 digits to make it 153. Send MIFI or INFINIX to 131

NB: No need of getting a valid Imei Number by using the Imei Analyzer. Add any digits just make it 15 digits.

Got any question to ask? feel free to contact me via the comment box and should you need a prompt response, please click the "notify me" in the comment box.

Step by Step Guide on How to Change Imei Number [Exclusive for Android]

It's no more new that changing android imei number has been trending nowadays. Changing Imei numbers allow you enjoy benefits limited to specific phones ranging from getting free data of 250mb to 5Gb, free calls, free social data plan, free sms and so on. Changing Imei Number is also called Imei Tweaking as I will be using both interchangeably in this tutorial. In this tutorial, I will be giving a detailed tutorial on how this can be done. 

How to Change Android Imei Number.1. Download MobileUncle Tools 2. Download Imei Analyzer NB: Both can be downloaded from your Mobile Google Apps Store. All you need do is search the above tools then download.
What do these two softwares do? MobileUncle ToolsThis program has lots of features but for this tutorial and to avoid confusion, I can only say it is the main application used for changing Imei Number. Imei AnalyzerThis tool allows you generate a valid Imei Number.
Now that you've downloaded and known what the tools do, let's proceed wit…

How to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

In my previous post, "how to retarget loss traffic so as to regain audience and make more sales", I made a brief discussion on what I think bounce rate is. According to Google analytic, it is said to be the percentage of single-page visitors (A visitor that visits your blog page then bounces off immediately) to a blog.

Reasons why visitors bounce off your page Visitors don't just feel they have to come to your website and zoom off immediately. They came for something important and I am sure they have their reasons for taking the action they took. In my own view, these might be few of the causes why such occur

The visitor might find the website/blog difficult to useThe visitor might not find what s(he) is looking for
How can Bounce Rate be reduced? From my own perspective, below are the listed solutions.

Blog Loading SpeedEasy Usability of the blog/designGreat content Internal linking to blog post Mobile Friendly
Blog Loading Speed: Ohhhh yeah... This is really my first poin…

How to Retarget Loss Traffic to Get More Audience and Sales.

Has this somehow occurred to your blog? A situation whereby an audience visits your blog through a link or recommendation and goes out directly without taking any further action or taking time to explore other pages of your blog. It is called "Bounce" in the Blogging Language. Since you know what bounce is, then, you can go quickly to check your bounce rate from your analytic platform.


Have you checked yours? Do you have a high or low bounce rate? If it's low then you are good but if it's high then you are having more single-page visitors than you think which is not good for your blog.
What can you do to recycle this spilling traffic? I bring to you "How to retarget loss traffic so as to regain the bounced traffic to get more leads".

There are several companies that offer the web traffic retargeting service but for this article, I will be laying emphasis on two: The PerfectAudience and the AdRoll

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DreamHost Hosting Promo Code: $45 Hosting Discount and 1 Free Domain

Earlier this year, I talked about getting a lot of goodies for my distinguished blog readers and today, I think I will be starting to fulfilling my promise. In the start of this year, I made a vow that "I will not only enjoy my success on my blogging journey but also hold my readers by hand to succeed" and that's why we both need to think outside the box for us to be successful in 2015. Now, to get the ball rolling, we need to know more about DreamHost and what type of services they render.

DreamHost has been one of the most used hosting services by blog owners in the blogosphere. The company was started in 1997 and are known for their excellent services. Therefore, it is recommended for bloggers. OrbasPortal is however, partnered with DreamHost to provide exclusive and mouth-watering deals.

SPECIAL: DreamHost $60 worth Coupon exclusive for OrbasPortal's Readers Partnered with DreamHost, Orbasportal brings you a $45 off worth hosting service and a $15 worth Lifetime …

Affiliate Marketing: An Alternative to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is no doubt one of the best contextual Ad Network for blogs when it comes to Quality of Ads, Easy Usability, and constant monthly income flow. It also provides easy payment solutions for its publishers which makes it one of the most used ad network. It is indeed a recommended means of monetization for all blogger blogs.

Though, the above reasons are best to my understanding why Google Adsense should be used to monetize blogs but do you know that to maintain your Google Adsense Account is another task? They are very strict when it comes to any act of fraudulent activities, thereby, publishers are strictly restricted by the content guidelines. You are NEVER allowed to post any type contents that are against the content guidelines or else you will be banned.

Since no one is perfect, mistake might occur which might lead to you being banned. What next if this happens? Does that mean the end of you making money online? No. You can still make things happen with your blog. Ther…

Can this boost your reasoning towards blogging?

It's been a while I post here. Since this is my first post of the year, I think I can still say Happy New Year to my wonderful readers. You've been really wonderful to me all year round, Thanks. There are really more interesting articles to be discussed this time, more giveaways and so many goodies.

This article depends on how you take it. You might see this as a relation to how to setup your goals and achieve them in life and you might as well relate this article to your blogging career. Personally, I see this as a motivational article that could help many persons, not only towards blogging but life as a whole.

What really motivated me to writing this article? Recently, I played a game that was filled with actions. It was really hard to get past many enemies. I had to work hard to upgrade my weapons and my agility so as to do well in the tougher levels. As soon as I had all my weapons activated and regained full agility, I became fearless and all that came by fell even befor…