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Can this boost your reasoning towards blogging?

It's been a while I post here. Since this is my first post of the year, I think I can still say Happy New Year to my wonderful readers. You've been really wonderful to me all year round, Thanks. There are really more interesting articles to be discussed this time, more giveaways and so many goodies.

This article depends on how you take it. You might see this as a relation to how to setup your goals and achieve them in life and you might as well relate this article to your blogging career. Personally, I see this as a motivational article that could help many persons, not only towards blogging but life as a whole.

What really motivated me to writing this article? Recently, I played a game that was filled with actions. It was really hard to get past many enemies. I had to work hard to upgrade my weapons and my agility so as to do well in the tougher levels. As soon as I had all my weapons activated and regained full agility, I became fearless and all that came by fell even befor…