Can this boost your reasoning towards blogging?

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It's been a while I post here. Since this is my first post of the year, I think I can still say Happy New Year to my wonderful readers. You've been really wonderful to me all year round, Thanks. There are really more interesting articles to be discussed this time, more giveaways and so many goodies.

This article depends on how you take it. You might see this as a relation to how to setup your goals and achieve them in life and you might as well relate this article to your blogging career. Personally, I see this as a motivational article that could help many persons, not only towards blogging but life as a whole.

What really motivated me to writing this article? Recently, I played a game that was filled with actions. It was really hard to get past many enemies. I had to work hard to upgrade my weapons and my agility so as to do well in the tougher levels. As soon as I had all my weapons activated and regained full agility, I became fearless and all that came by fell even before I got to them. My journey to the tougher levels became so easy that I earned so many credits and destroyed all enemies that came by.

Does this reference sends any information to your brain? can you relate this to anything you could ever think of? can you think outside the box on what I have just discussed? If one of your answers is "Yes", then you are already getting my point. So read on and see what I have to say here.

How does this relates to Life? Life itself is full of challenges you know. Ups and downs, good and bad, happiness and sadness, Joy and sorrow and so on: I believe you could mention some of these yourselves. To get past these challenges, goals must be set and hardwork should follow to get a positive outcome. With the reference I gave, I already knew what my mission was: To destroy all enemies and overcome all obstacles (Goal). But how do I overcome this obstacle? Do I need to just sit doing nothing and see all this fall into its place? That can't just happen and this is where the hardwork comes in. The result of this hardwork made me fearless that I overcame all obstacles. Now, let's go for a live example. Things were hard for me. I couldn't even have my three square meal and even this was happening, I have the GOAL to become a successful business man. Can I do this without any hardwork? No. I have to work to earn income little by little until it's okay for me to start small. You don't necessarily need to start big, You just have to start from somewhere. Gather your sstrength improve your skills, have more savings and technically, increase your investment and see the outcome. Continous process of these will definitely bring out the fearlessness in you and with these you can achieve your Goals through Hardwork and setup Plans. Hope you got what I am trying to say here?

Do you in any way find this related to your blogging career? If yes, then we are really progressing. Successful Blogging is another difficult journey that requires a lot of hardwork, dedication and time for it to be achieved. I believe you've seen a lot of successful bloggers out there and I know you've directly or indirectly promised yourself to be listed as one. successful blogs were not built in a day, it requires a lot of hardwork.

It's really a long article but from this, hope you did gain something? can you now say if this can boost your blogging career or life journey? It's all there for you to say.

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