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How to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

In my previous post, "how to retarget loss traffic so as to regain audience and make more sales", I made a brief discussion on what I think bounce rate is. According to Google analytic, it is said to be the percentage of single-page visitors (A visitor that visits your blog page then bounces off immediately) to a blog.

Reasons why visitors bounce off your page Visitors don't just feel they have to come to your website and zoom off immediately. They came for something important and I am sure they have their reasons for taking the action they took. In my own view, these might be few of the causes why such occur

The visitor might find the website/blog difficult to useThe visitor might not find what s(he) is looking for
How can Bounce Rate be reduced? From my own perspective, below are the listed solutions.

Blog Loading SpeedEasy Usability of the blog/designGreat content Internal linking to blog post Mobile Friendly
Blog Loading Speed: Ohhhh yeah... This is really my first poin…

How to Retarget Loss Traffic to Get More Audience and Sales.

Has this somehow occurred to your blog? A situation whereby an audience visits your blog through a link or recommendation and goes out directly without taking any further action or taking time to explore other pages of your blog. It is called "Bounce" in the Blogging Language. Since you know what bounce is, then, you can go quickly to check your bounce rate from your analytic platform.


Have you checked yours? Do you have a high or low bounce rate? If it's low then you are good but if it's high then you are having more single-page visitors than you think which is not good for your blog.
What can you do to recycle this spilling traffic? I bring to you "How to retarget loss traffic so as to regain the bounced traffic to get more leads".

There are several companies that offer the web traffic retargeting service but for this article, I will be laying emphasis on two: The PerfectAudience and the AdRoll

Must Read:Affiliate M…

DreamHost Hosting Promo Code: $45 Hosting Discount and 1 Free Domain

Earlier this year, I talked about getting a lot of goodies for my distinguished blog readers and today, I think I will be starting to fulfilling my promise. In the start of this year, I made a vow that "I will not only enjoy my success on my blogging journey but also hold my readers by hand to succeed" and that's why we both need to think outside the box for us to be successful in 2015. Now, to get the ball rolling, we need to know more about DreamHost and what type of services they render.

DreamHost has been one of the most used hosting services by blog owners in the blogosphere. The company was started in 1997 and are known for their excellent services. Therefore, it is recommended for bloggers. OrbasPortal is however, partnered with DreamHost to provide exclusive and mouth-watering deals.

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Affiliate Marketing: An Alternative to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is no doubt one of the best contextual Ad Network for blogs when it comes to Quality of Ads, Easy Usability, and constant monthly income flow. It also provides easy payment solutions for its publishers which makes it one of the most used ad network. It is indeed a recommended means of monetization for all blogger blogs.

Though, the above reasons are best to my understanding why Google Adsense should be used to monetize blogs but do you know that to maintain your Google Adsense Account is another task? They are very strict when it comes to any act of fraudulent activities, thereby, publishers are strictly restricted by the content guidelines. You are NEVER allowed to post any type contents that are against the content guidelines or else you will be banned.

Since no one is perfect, mistake might occur which might lead to you being banned. What next if this happens? Does that mean the end of you making money online? No. You can still make things happen with your blog. Ther…