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Affiliate Marketing: An Alternative to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is no doubt one of the best contextual Ad Network for blogs when it comes to Quality of Ads, Easy Usability, and constant monthly income flow. It also provides easy payment solutions for its publishers which makes it one of the most used ad network. It is indeed a recommended means of monetization for all blogger blogs.

How to make money with Affiliate marketing

Though, the above reasons are best to my understanding why Google Adsense should be used to monetize blogs but do you know that to maintain your Google Adsense Account is another task? They are very strict when it comes to any act of fraudulent activities, thereby, publishers are strictly restricted by the content guidelines. You are NEVER allowed to post any type contents that are against the content guidelines or else you will be banned.

Since no one is perfect, mistake might occur which might lead to you being banned. What next if this happens? Does that mean the end of you making money online? No. You can still make things happen with your blog. There are several means you could use to monetize your blogs but for this article, I will be concentrating more on Affiliate Marketing.

Bloggers and internet marketers that are into online marketing know what Affiliate Marketing means and how lucrative it is. This to some bloggers is their main source of income. You'd never imagine how fat your bank account will be like if the affiliate program is run successfully. What are those Basic things you need to know about Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate marketing?

My own simple definition, Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing system where you refer someone to an online product and the person buys through you or your recommendations and you earn commission on the purchased product afterwards. What(Amount) you earn depends on what type of products you are promoting and the volume of traffic flow to that (those) product(s) you are promoting.

Question Time?

Reader: How then do companies you are been registered to as an affiliate know you are directing traffic to their products and as well making sales?
Orbas: The companies do that by creating a unique tracking URL that has a specific ID for each publisher of its products. If a buyer buys through  your affiliate link, it is automatically registered to your name and commissions are earned out of it.

Reader: Can Adsense be used with Affiliate Programs?
Orbas: This has been one of the most searched query when it comes to Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. The Good news is Yes. Both can be used together as long as Google Adsense Policies is not violated.

Reader: How do I promote the Products?
Orbas: Several means can be used to promote the affiliate products. Blogs can be used as a platform for the product promotion. Articles can be written on your blog with strategic injection of your affiliate link that talk extensively on the product you are promoting. Not only Blogs, but also direct advertising of your product (embedded with your affiliate link) with Ad Networks.
Out of those two mentioned, I recommend promoting on your blog
1. It is quite non-expensive as it is just like you updating your blog
2. Reoccurring sales: Unlike promoting with Ad networks where your products are run just for a limited time, the products are static on your blog page and as the readers keep visiting and finding your products interesting, they start ordering through your recommendations and you earn commissions out of it.

Reader: How do I get a product to promote?
Orbas: There are numerous ways to get a product to promote. First, I recommend you promote products that are relevant to your niche. OrbasPortal is logically in the "blogging" niche and it will be bad for me and the blog if irrelevant contents about non related products are being talked about. To get a product to promote, remember Google is your friend, you can make a search with keywords like "Affiliates + Product".

Reader: How much can I earn with Affiliate Marketing
Orbas: What you earn depends on what product you are promoting and as well the volume of traffic you are pointing to the product. Let's take for instance, you are into a promotion that earns you $30 per sale and you pointing traffic of 100 volume to the product. Luckily, 60% of the traffic make successful purchases, you can imagine how much you just earned: 60 x $30. That"s how it works.

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Can you see you can now make a living without Google Adsense on your blog? I hope this guide at least will make you understand the basics about affiliate marketing. Confused? Ask questions through the comment box and I will be glad to help


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