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Now that I have written a comprehensive tutorial on how to tweak android Imei Number, Let's get a freebie 2GB worth data plan from MTN. If you miss the tutorial please, click the below link to read the step by step guide on how it can be done before you proceed.

Read Here>>> Step by step guide on how to change Android Imei Number

How to Get Free MTN 2GB Data1. Get a new sim / sim that has never enjoyed the offer to avoid frustration :-)
2. Tweak these two(2) IMEI Numbers
3584290623 | add random 5 digits to make it 15
358429064 | add randon 6 digits to make it 153. Send MIFI or INFINIX to 131

NB: No need of getting a valid Imei Number by using the Imei Analyzer. Add any digits just make it 15 digits.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Change Imei Number [Exclusive for Android]

It's no more new that changing android imei number has been trending nowadays. Changing Imei numbers allow you enjoy benefits limited to specific phones ranging from getting free data of 250mb to 5Gb, free calls, free social data plan, free sms and so on. Changing Imei Number is also called Imei Tweaking as I will be using both interchangeably in this tutorial. In this tutorial, I will be giving a detailed tutorial on how this can be done. 

How to Change Android Imei Number.1. Download MobileUncle Tools 2. Download Imei Analyzer NB: Both can be downloaded from your Mobile Google Apps Store. All you need do is search the above tools then download.
What do these two softwares do? MobileUncle ToolsThis program has lots of features but for this tutorial and to avoid confusion, I can only say it is the main application used for changing Imei Number. Imei AnalyzerThis tool allows you generate a valid Imei Number.
Now that you've downloaded and known what the tools do, let's proceed wit…