Tweaking: How I Got FREE 100MB From MTN

Recently, I got a question from one of my esteemed readers on why I post "Free Browsing Cheats" on my blogging/Technology niche blog and this was my reply: 
For those that take blogging as a career, not all are financially buoyant to subscribe for the huge data plan subscription fee and for a must, the blog must always be updated to keep it alive in one way or the other.... Since providing the cheats go in line with the process of blogging... why not?
Readers, what do you see to my reply? Hope I was right with the answer I gave?

Learn Imei Tweaking: Get Free 100MB from MTN

How to Get Free 100MB From MTN 

Pre-requisite to getting the Free 100MB From MTN

  • Android Device
  • New Sim Card
  • MobileUncle Tools
Let's get started......
After getting the above tools ready, TWEAK these IMEI
  1. 8651560172
  2. 8668400152
  3. 3561810434
  4. 3597670526 - I Added Random 5 Digits to Imei Number to Get my Free 100MB
NB: You can copy the digits and add ANY Five(5) Digits

After Tweaking, send the keyword, "MIFI" without quote to "131"

If you do not know how to tweak your Imei Number, I have written a comprehensive post about it here. Please read it here

From the above Imei Numbers, some gives free 250MB. You can try tweak the Imei Numbers and see the outcome. Hope I am helping with your blogging career?

Got any question to ask? you can use the comment section.... I will be glad to see your review.

Tutorial Courtesy: Adejoro Olumuyiwa Femi

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How to Display Google Ads Below Post Title in Mobile View

Out of 100% visitors that visit your blog daily, you'd believe me that after checking your blog stats using the Google analytics tool, at least 70 of the 100 visitors visit using their mobile phones. With this been said, why not monetize this mobile traffic you've got judiciously. How can this been done? Correct placement of ads in a very sensitive places that will not violate the Google Adsense TOS, and as well not give the readers bad navigation will do.

google ads below post title mobile view placement

From experiment, placing ads below the post title has been one of the most sensitive places when it comes to placement of Ads in desktop view as ads tend get high CTR and possibly, more clicks. Since placement of ads below post title yielded a positive outcome in the desktop view, why not apply this same placement in the mobile view as most of the traffic comes from the mobile.

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How to Display Google Ads Below Post Title In Mobile View

NB: Always Backup your Template before editing to avoid losing your design
1. Login to your blogger dashboard
2. Navigate to Template and click on "Edit HTML".
3. Search for the below code

<div class='post-header'> 

4. You might see the lines of code as shown below

<div class='post-header'>
<div class='post-header-line-1'/>
<div class='post-body entry-content' expr:id='&quot;post-body-&quot; +' itemprop='articleBody'>
"Place your Parsed Google Adsense Code here"

5. Login to your Google Adsense Dashboard to create a 300 x 250 ad unit
6. Copy and parse the code using HTML Encoder Tool
7, Copy the parsed code from html encoder tool then add the code below the lines of code in (4).
8. Save your templates and check from mobile to see how it displays.

Hope it helps...

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How I Created an Extra Widget Space Between the Navigation Bar And The Main Body Of My Blogger Template

Creating an extra widget between the navigation bar and the main body of a blog could be useful when it comes to placement of ad banners. The Ads might be Google Ads, Affiliate Banner Ads or your personal Ads advertising your product(s). If you using a custom blogger template, this might have been embedded but if you are using a blogger default template like OrbasPortal,then, you might need to create one.

How to create extra widget space

From analysis, it was discovered that this section gets more attraction as advertisers tend to compete for the little space which in turns give a high CPC rate.

How I created an Extra Widget Space Between The Nav Bar And The Main Body of My Blogger Template

1. Login to your blogger dashboard >> Template
2. Click On "Edit HTML"
3. Search for the below code
<div class='main-outer'>
4. Paste the below code just above the searched code

<b:section class='tabs' id='crosscol-wide' name='Cross-wide' showaddelement='yes'/> 
The above codes creates an additional space to add additional widget(s) to your blog

5. Save template and navigate to your blogger layout to add widget.

After The Widget has been added and you think the header, the widget itself and the main body become clumsy or too close, you can add little space by using the below CSS Code.

Search for the below code
Paste the below CSS code just above the searched code

.header-inner .section {
  margin: -14px; }
Increase or decrease the value in red as you desire then save.

Hope it helps..........

NB: Always backup your blogger template before editing

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[HOT] Get Free 300H, 2GB, 7.5GB MTN Data

Yeah...... It's another day, another month with another freebie. Hope you've been enjoying the free MTN data gifts of the previous months. If you haven't enjoy one, then please stay calm as I will be unleashing another stress free method to get at least 15GB worth of Data on your MTN Sim.

Get Free 15GB MTN Data

Without wasting much time, let's get to the main business.....

How to get Free 15GB MTN Data

Before you could get this free bonus, I suggest you get a "NEW Sim" ready and complete the below task.

NB: Some are charging for this.

1. Get New Sim (A must)
2. Download SMS Bomber from Google Play App Store if you wish to accumulate the Data
3. SMS 101 to 131
4. Check your DATA by dialing *131*4#

How to get Free 2GB MTN Data

1. Get new Sim Card
2. SMS SPB to 131
3. check data by dialing *131*4#

How to Get Free 300Hrs MTN Data

1. Get new Sim Card
2. SMS 300H to 131
3. check data by dialing *131*4#


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Got any problem doing this? Feel free to contact me

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