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Unlimited Internet Surfing and Downloading With MTN For Just N70/Day [Android Users]

Yeah, it's been a while I posted last here and it's so good to be back with exclusive offer(s). Last time, I posted a topic on how to get 100mb worth of data via Imei tweaking and from all emails and text messages I received from readers, it's been a success. 

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Today, I will be sharing with you a not-so-new tip (as Internet gurus have been using this secretly) but a need-to-know tip that I believe will keep you busy online for sometime. With this, you can surf the web for a full day without the fear of being disconnected and an unlimited download for just a token, N70. How can this be done? A question I know that must have been running through your mind. Am I right? Yes? Please read on.

HOW TO: 70Naira Unlimited Internet Surfing & Downloading with MTN.The following are the needed tools t…