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Top 5 SEO Optimized and Responsive Premium Blogger Template 2016

Choosing a template for your blogger blog is one of the simplest as there are many free templates on hundred of thousands of websites/blogs and yet critical as a wrong choice could lead to your blog not being seen or recognized at all by the search engines. Since placing our readers & intending blog owners first are one of our priorities here on, we have carefully hand-picked 5 blogger templates we strongly believe could help you do well on your blogging career.

Why You Need to Choose Premium & SEO Optimized Blogger Template This question has been one of the most asked when it comes to choosing good blogger template. Premium Blogger Template is recommended because it gives a clear responsive layout of your blog on different operating platform (PCs, Tablets, Mobiles), Good Navigation, Advertisement Space ready and other important widgets ready like the email subscription widget, the popular post, the recent post and so on. What Does the SEO means then? A question…