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Top 5 SEO Optimized and Responsive Premium Blogger Template 2016

Choosing a template for your blogger blog is one of the simplest as there are many free templates on hundred of thousands of websites/blogs and yet critical as a wrong choice could lead to your blog not being seen or recognized at all by the search engines. Since placing our readers & intending blog owners first are one of our priorities here on, we have carefully hand-picked 5 blogger templates we strongly believe could help you do well on your blogging career.


Why You Need to Choose Premium & SEO Optimized Blogger Template 

This question has been one of the most asked when it comes to choosing good blogger template. Premium Blogger Template is recommended because it gives a clear responsive layout of your blog on different operating platform (PCs, Tablets, Mobiles), Good Navigation, Advertisement Space ready and other important widgets ready like the email subscription widget, the popular post, the recent post and so on. What Does the SEO means then? A question I guessed you about to ask me right? Okay, here it is. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is the optimization technique required by all blogs to do well on search engines. This setup brings much juicy traffic from the search engines which in turns boost your blogging income. Choosing a ready-made premium & SEO Optimized Blogger Templates requires you to do less of these setups as all have been done just for you to enjoy.

Below are the top 5 SEO Optimized & Responsive Premium Blogger Templates.



ATB Blogger Template is Most Responsive and Advanced SEO Optimized Blogger template. This template is made/customized/designed and used by Imran Uddin on his blog AllTechBuzz when his blog was Blogger Platform. ATB blogger template doesn't contains any encrypted script insite it so, you are free to edit any elements of this template. Some awesome features of ATB SEO Optimized Template are:

Stylish Heading Tags
2 Column Responsive Template
Full SEO Optimized
Sticky Post
Auto Alt Title Tag Generator Integrated
Responsive Related Posts Wedget
4 Column Stylish Footer
Fully Responsive Designed and more.

2. Apriezt Responsive Template

Apriezt Responsive Template

Apriezt is highly User Friendly blogger template with responsive layout and two stlye (Full width and Boxed). It's design is simple, neat & clean and is perfect template for News, Magazine or portofolio blog. Apriezt Blogger Template has too many awesome features:
100% Responsive Design
Auto/Manual Featured Post widget
Stylish Recent Comment Widget
Highly User-friendly
Custom Error 404 Page
Optimized for Better SEO
AdSense Ready
Light weight and Fast loading

3. Skill Blogger Template

Skill Blogger Template

Skill Blogger Template is fully SEO optimized, professional looking and faster loading template for blogger blogs. It is suitable for all niche blogs and mainly suitable for Tech blogs. Skill is awesome template which gives good experience and impression to the blog visitors. Lots of inbuilt features attached with this template so, you don't need to take any types of tension about it. Main features of Skill Blogger Template:
100% User Friendly
Subscribe Box With About Widget
Search Engine Optimized
Customized Commenting System
Socialize It Bar
Pop up contact Form
Related Post Widget below every post
Stylish Read More Widget
Extra floating header with menu
About the author widget below post
Social Sharing Widget Below post etc.

4. MBL Premium Blogger Template

MBL Premium Blogger Template

MBL Premium Blogger Template is created by popular Indian Blogger, Syed Faizan Ali. The template is fully SEO optimized, and has a faster loading speed. The template has lots of inbut features. To customize this template, you have to be good in html plus CSS. Below are main features of MBL Blogger Template:
100% Responsive Design
Auto/Manual Featured Post widget
Highly User-friendly
Socialize It Bar
Optimized for Better SEO
AdSense Ready
Light weight and Fast loading
Easy Navigation Menu etc.

5. Elice Blogger Template

Elice Blogger Template

Elice, a free responsive blogger template with premium features designed by Chandeep. This free premium template is having 2 Column layout, a custom opt-in form on the top of the homepage and sidebar in post page. Elice is fast loading & SEO Optimized template made for blog in blogging niche. Its features are listed below:
SEO Ready Template
2 Column Layout
Elegant look
Opt-in form on homepage
Fast Loading
AdSense Friendly
Related Post Widget
4 Column Footer

Above are the top 5 SEO Optimized and Responsive Premium Blogger Templates, carefully handpicked to improve your blogger blog design. With any of these five templates above plus quality contents, be rest assured that your daily traffic will be boosted which will definitely boost your income. 

Hope you like it? Let me know your views about these by leaving your comments.


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