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Complete Guide On How to Use the Glo Blackberry Subscription On PC and Android Devices

Recently, I have been getting mails, chats and even calls on how the Glo Blackberry Subscription can be used on the PCs and Android devices which I promised to write a detailed tutorial on and here I am. Cost of using the Internet in Nigeria is no doubt too high for other Os(Operating System) devices except that of blackberry devices. Though, networks (GLO, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and others) have varieties of packages for all devices (affordable) but comparing the prices with the volume of data, it's a "NO NO". Imagine you subscribing for just 1000 Naira and you get 3GB!!! and on other devices, you subscribe with this same amount, you get 250MB. Isn't the first one so amazing? I must tell you, for the world we are now, regardless of the class, we all need to use the Internet one way or the other to get updated with everything happening around us. Information is Money right??????
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Now, going bac…

How to Disable Right Click Option for Blogger Blogs

Wow.. It's a such a long holiday. So happy to be back with exciting tutorials. Today, I will be posting an article on how to disable right click option for blogger blogs. Disabling the right click option has its benefit as well has its implication.
What is the benefit of disabling the right click option? It basically prevents people or I say, other bloggers from copying your contents.
What is the implication? It allows not your readers to copy codes shared on your tutorial blog for their blogs.
How can this be solved? Using "BlockQuote to enquote your codes can solve the problem of your users copying the shared codes.
How to Disable the Right Click Option for Blogger Blogs 1. Log in to your blogger dashboard
2. Navigate to Layout and Click
3. Add new Gadget.
4. Choose the Html/JavaScript option
5. Leave the title blank and paste the below codes in the text field.
<script language=JavaScript> <!-- //Disable right mouse click Script var message="Function Disabled…