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Technology/Blogging Niche Vs Entertainment/News Niche In Nigeria: Which of these two works best in the long run?

This question has been bordering me for days, months even years and finally, I had come to my conclusion. Before I could get clear comparisons between the two, I had to venture into the two niches. In Nigeria Blogger Discussion forums, Threads, Groups, I noticed that the tech niche comprises of two big niches, the "Technology Niche" itself and the "Blogging niche". For this article, I will be using those two as one, Tech(Technology) Niche.

Now back to the question, Which of these two works best? I will be discussing this issue based on the following classifications.

Frequency of Blog Contents UpdateUniqueness of Blog ContentsEarnings from Google AdsenseLong-term Usefulness of Post.Stress 

Frequency Of Blog Contents Update: In this segment, Entertainment/News niche blogs will no doubt win this segment because hundreds or even thousands of happenings happen around us per day. For this reason, a news blogger is expected to keep her audience updated every single minute …