Technology/Blogging Niche Vs Entertainment/News Niche In Nigeria: Which of these two works best in the long run?

This question has been bordering me for days, months even years and finally, I had come to my conclusion. Before I could get clear comparisons between the two, I had to venture into the two niches. In Nigeria Blogger Discussion forums, Threads, Groups, I noticed that the tech niche comprises of two big niches, the "Technology Niche" itself and the "Blogging niche". For this article, I will be using those two as one, Tech(Technology) Niche.

Tech Blog Vs News Blog

Now back to the question, Which of these two works best? I will be discussing this issue based on the following classifications.

  • Frequency of Blog Contents Update
  • Uniqueness of Blog Contents
  • Earnings from Google Adsense
  • Long-term Usefulness of Post.
  • Stress 

Frequency Of Blog Contents Update: In this segment, Entertainment/News niche blogs will no doubt win this segment because hundreds or even thousands of happenings happen around us per day. For this reason, a news blogger is expected to keep her audience updated every single minute for the blog to do well and to gain more audience. This is never the case of a tech niche blog where at most five to eight articles are written per week. The-five-to-eight-article style does not mean the blog will not do well but in as much as it's updated with a post every one/two days, it's okay. The search engine will definitely smile at the blog which in turns increase popularity and gain the blog, more audience.

Stress: After I went into the Entertainment Niche, I discovered I had to be online twenty-four-seven to give my audience recent updates so as not to lose them to other entertainment blogs that blog the happenings as they happen. Yes, at first, I was so active in doing this but later I was stressed out. For this section, I can say categorically, that the Technology niche wins this segment as it is less stressful: You write an article per day and still maintain your unique audience, isn't that great?

Uniqueness of Blog Contents: After some observations in Nigeria Entertainment Blogs, I discovered that almost all entertainment blogs have the same contents. Why? This is because, a news blog needs a "timely" update. Entertainment blog readers hate to see old news over and over again: This alone can piss them off: the time to start writing that unique same post(s) is never there because you would not want your readers/audience to visit other blog to read what you can simply copy from the host blog to your blog just to maintain your audience: Simply put, you are afraid of losing your readers. The above observation makes copy-and-paste a medium to update news blogs rampant. Though, the copy/paste medium is also in the tech niche but at its minimal level compared to that of entertainment niche.

Earnings from Google Ads: After going into the niches, I also discovered the CPC rates of ads on my technology niche blog is far higher than that of the entertainment blog. Though, my entertainment blog gains more traffic in such a little time. With the little traffic I have on my tech blog, I still earn more compared to entertainment.

Long-term usefulness of post: Entertainment post expires as the day goes by because hot news happen every second. As an entertainment blogger, you can never rely on the post you've written on your blog, you need recent news to keep your traffic but for the technology niche, the reverse is the case, your posts become relevant day by day because you can always refer people back to your post once they need your help regarding a problem you've provided a solution to on your blog. The traffic on technology blog is always maintained and more keep visiting as long as they use the search engine to seek for solutions to related technology problems.

These are what I think of about the topic for now. Got more to add? I will be looking forward to seeing yours in the comment section..... Cheers

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