How to Hide Files Using X-Plore on Android Device

Somehow, phone users feel violated when their mobile devices are handled by someone else. This is either because they've got very important files or documents which they don't want a third party to know about on the device or they don't just like their device been handled by any other persons. Behavior of phone users have been studied over the years regarding this issue and it was discovered that this is just the bitter truth. With this being said, a simple tutorial on how to have the free mind of giving out your mobile device to a person without the feeling of being violated is what I shall be writing on today.

make your files invincible on android device

This tutorial will be using one of the most commonly used and best file explorer, the X-Plore as the tool for making files or documents invincible. What kind of documents am I talking about here? Pictures, Videos, PDF Files, Microsoft documents and the rest.

Why am I regarding the X-Plore as one of the best?

1. It's simple but complex
2. Attractive User Interface
3. Navigation of files made easy
4. Built in application: image viewer, video and audio player and documents viewer

How to Hide Files Using X-Plore on Android Device

1. Launch Your android device Google PlayStore
2. Search, download and install X-Plore
3. Launch the installed application.
4. Get familiar with the application
5. Navigate to where the proposed files to be hidden are.
6. Mark the file and look at the right panel to see if the rename option has been highlighted.
7. Rename the file extension by adding any alphabets to it. Example, rename mp4 to mp4z, jpg to jms and the likes
Renaming of the file extension from what it was supposed to be to a completely different one makes the file useless and not readable by phone system
8. Check the file and voila, it's gone

How to Undo the hidden files

1. Launch the X-plore Application.
2. Navigate to where the hidden file is located.
3. Mark and rename the hidden file to its normal file extension e.g mp4z back to mp4, jms back to jpg
4. Check the file and gbam!!! it's back

The above are the simple steps needed to get your files hidden and as well visible after it has been made hidden using one the most commonly used file explorer. Should you need more clarification regarding this tutorial, do not hesitate to contact me.

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How to Make Google Adsense Show in the Middle of Blog Post

People blog for various reasons. If one of your goal as a blogger is to make money online, then correct placement of ads is going to play a very long role for you to become successful. To get the placement that will work for you, experimenting placement of ads on all part of the blog will do: The top, the sides, below post title, below post itself and in the middle of post.

show google ads in the middle of blog post

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For this tutorial, I will be writing on an entirely different one, placement of Google Adsense Ads in the middle of blog post.

How to Make Google Adsense Show in the Middle of Blog Post

1. Log in to your blogger dashboard
2. Navigate to template and backup your blogger template
3. Edit template and search for the below codes (Mostly the second one)

4. Parse your Google Adsense Code using Html Encoder
5. Replace the above code with the below code
<div id='jobmiddlenew'> <data:post.body/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<style>#addcodemiddle{display: none;}</style>
<div id='addcodemiddle'> 
---- Parsed Google Adsense code----
 <script type='text/javascript'>
var str1=document.getElementById(&quot;jobmiddlenew&quot;).innerHTML;
var str2=str1.length;var str3=str2/2;var substr = str1.substring(str3, str2);
var n =;&lt;br&gt;&quot;);if(n&lt;0){
n = substr.indexOf(&#39;.&#39;);if(n&lt;0){n=0;}
var firsthalf = str1.substring(0, str3+n+1);var secondhalf = str1.substring(str3+n+1, str2);
}else{var firsthalf = str1.substring(0, str3+n+4);
var secondhalf = str1.substring(str3+n+4, str2);}var addcode=&quot;
<br/>&quot;;var newbody=firsthalf+addcode+secondhalf;

var strnew=document.getElementsByClassName(&quot;post-body entry-content&quot;);
</script>  </b:if>
6. Replace the red bold text with your parsed adsense code
7. Preview and save template.

Try and see if this kind of Google Adsense Placement will work for you. Your view on this will be highly appreciated.

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Android: How to Download Youtube Videos

Right before now, YouTube videos were downloaded conveniently using the UCBrowser on Android devices but recently, the license placed on YouTube videos have restricted the browser download wizard to perform its wonders. Though, the YouTube had enabled the offline watching of videos but not all videos have this feature, the feature is placed on video according to its owner. This is definitely actually not the best as there are countless reasons why videos need to be downloaded.

tubemate video downloader
image credit: wondershare
Applications have been developed for this task and are all over the internet but here, I am going to share with you the most convenient of all: this has been tested by me which is why I find it worthy to be shared on my blog, the TubeMate.

Why TubeMate is the best?

Fast download manager
Easy to use interface
High quality video downloads

How to Download YouTube Videos Via TubeMate 

Visit tubemate official website to download the latest version of the application. 
Install the application
Launch and get familiar with the application
Search Videos and download the videos

tubemate video downloader
tubemate video downloader

To download, click the topmost green download icon.

Now that I've written a tutorial on the easiest way to download YouTube videosto your android device, you can now give it a trial. Should you encounter any difficulties trying out this, do not hesitate to contact me.

You can also contact me via my facebook page : Orbasportal
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