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How to Add CSS to blogger blog

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheet that gives the required design, layout to a blog or website using lines of codes. In comparison to man, I will say it's like a clothing to the body or working out in the gym to give the body the desired figure. Gone are the days when plenty codes of HTML do the job but now, with just a little line of CSS code, you get your desired result. Not saying the HTML is useless, without it, no blog and no websites.They both have their roles, HTML provides the framework while the CSS gives the design and layout of the website without taking much time.

adding css to blogger blog

How to Add CSS to blogger blog?

Since our main concern is adding the CSS code to blogger blog, I will be sharing two ways on how this can be done.

  • The Manual Method
  • The Template Design Method
The Manual Method

What do I mean by the Manual Method? Here, the template of the blog is being tampered with. the template is edited before the lines of CSS code is being inserted. This method is not recommended for newbies that are afraid of the codes but notwithstanding, how the codes will be inserted manually will be talked about here.

NOTE: Always BACKUP your template before editing!!!

To do this,

  • Login to your blogger dashboard
  • Navigate to Template and click on ""Edit HTML"" just below your blog desktop preview
  • Search for the below line of code 
  • Paste the CSS codes above the searched code then SAVE.
The Template Design Method

This is the easiest and recommended means of adding a CSS code to blogger blog as the template is not in any way tampered with.

To do this,
  • Login to your blogger dashboard
  • Navigate to Layout
  • Click on the Template Design just above the layout area
  • Click Advance from the left-side panel
  • Input the CSS Code
  • The Click Apply to blog on the top right corner of the page
The Template Design page also has a preview section that allows you see the effect of the CSS code you are about to apply even before it is save. Use the preview page to adjust the CSS codes until your desired target is accomplished.

Now that you have learnt the two(2) ways on how the CSS code can be added to blogger blog, Try it and send your feedback should you need further assistance.


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